Skoda Superb - Car Class Business Jet

Business jets are small jets, which quickly and comfortably comfortably can deliver their owner from one place to another. Luxury Skoda, called the Superb, although not fly, can still conform to this notion. The model has a rather interesting design - the front part of the car is made in the style of 'corporate', and a strong inclination rear window gave it elegance and exquisiteness. The trunk has a successful design - it can open like the glass, as well as separately. Superb - a kind of sedan-hatchback, solid and practical at the same time.

We move into the cabin. There is desirable to note flawless finish, all the panel adjusted very accurately. Skoda Superb Interior can compete with the internal design of Infiniti and Lexus. It is no accident that the car Product Name disguised in Russian as 'luxury' - it really is more than prilekatelno. In the top version of the model has full power. In the second row of seats is enough space, even though more than enough, heated seats and foot rests of course, too. Now, part of the power unit.

Powerful 3.6 -Liter engine, gearbox DSG, four-wheel drive - all this makes perfect dynamics. In normal mode, the car confidently and comfortably carries passengers forward, and if necessary, rapid acceleration there is a sports mode, and all rivals on the road will be left behind. Operated by the machine also on the level. The steering mechanism is very clear and predictable, just like the "German" (after all, Superb built upon Passat). Four-wheel drive can be used in poor road conditions is also important. In this case all material remains a matter of prestige. Skoda - this is in fact a mass brand, but people can not explain that the car is in no way inferior to their fellow-known brands, though is several times less - from $ 55.000.

Odessa Is The Ukraine's Economic Center

Odessa is one of the main economic centers of Ukraine It combines a large sea port, industrial development, social, financial and transport infrastructure. Due to its location at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, the city plays an important role in foreign trade and transport international level. Via Odessa is an international transport corridor 9, connecting Finland, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. Odessa Commercial Sea Port, known as "sea gate of Ukraine" is tremendous in the country, is associated with more than 600 ports in 100 countries. Odessa port is classified as major ports, a multi-functional, has an international category. In addition, a port owned ferry, linking the port of Odessa with Greece and Turkey. According to the Law of Ukraine "On Special (Free) Economic Zone "Porto-Franco" business entities have a preferential tax treatment in the port of Odessa.


And it's not easy to do, especially if it is non-standard timber. That climbed as a result, the manufacturer of the debts. Workers must be suppliers of logs, the State must. All like nothing, they say to sell the board and will be calculated. At the same time buyers forget that the board tends to deteriorate. Different species of wood in different ways, some are blue, others green, others turn black, but spoiled everything! Plus this warp, crack, etc. So, if he has not sold quickly, then hit at all. And buyers, many deliberately arrange such tricks.

Contract is to GOST 8486-86, grade 0-3, moisture naturally, terms of payment "for acceptance of stock dealer. " Inspector arrives and starts to reject. Takes only 0-1 grade, and the rest they say is not needed. As a result, the retailer begins hysterical. He needs money today!. It should be a lot of calls to the owner of the company receiving the sea negotiations and utryasok, which resulted in finding a compromise, the buyer takes all the goods, but about 30 percent cheaper. And the seller, most likely, this is because if he is troubled, the inspector simply goes away, and with it will shake out debts (see above).

I was silent about the cost of Railway car, cleaning, feeding, etc. Naturally, after all this, without payment, this salesman will not work. But the risk of not only the seller but the buyer. What is risk?, Like money in it, owes nothing to give ...

Political Power

According to the theory of political science, public policy must reflect the interests of the majority population, but in reality the state apparatus is affected by various political and economic groups. In this case, the more account of the interests of the majority of the population (with the help of various political instruments), the more democratic the state is considered. Despite the diversity of political and economic structure of the world can be divided into two groups of countries on the domestic political and economic structure, it is: a) countries where the state machine represents the interests of different economic groups and is formed with the active political participation, and b) the country where the state apparatus represents one, united by kinship, religious or political grounds, a group of people. In the first case the country to a much lesser extent, can be considered as a single entity and as a consequence, more open to penetration of its markets and foreign capital, in the second case, the country is increasingly seen leading a group of people as a single economic entity, and the penetration of foreign markets for its capital is difficult. In both cases, international economic policy is formed as a protectionist, in order to maintain and develop the economic entities of which it is provides. For the development of any economic agent deciding factor is the availability of market for its results. In this regard, according to the Hecksher - Ohlin at failure market within their own country there is a need to move to other markets, where, however, subject to national economic groups, as having an interest in expanding market for its goods.


Moreover, the amount of money always have a certain amount of goods. Divided into him. Does not represent the amount the difference or the product of these quantities. Consequently, the price of a commodity is the ratio of money for goods that are sold to most goods. And given the fact that we are always talking about the amount of goods and money, in full pricing can be given in this form: the price of a commodity is the ratio of the amount of money for goods that are sold to the quantity of the product itself. And the price formula be abolished before us as follows: CB = CD / CT. (4) Thus, price of a commodity is a function of two variables, whose value depends directly proportional to the amount of money allocated to the buyers to purchase this product, and inversely proportional to the quantity of goods presence in the market.

3. Denotation prices in the definition of price is given by way of prices in general, set the content of the image content of the concept of price. But this one, and the only way, precisely because of its universality, there are a myriad of specific prices. For general does not exist apart from the concrete. It is always a part of its specific content. And must be present in each of these specific. Otherwise this total is not common to all concrete attributed to him. Price is part of a living organism called human society.

Promotional Products, Business Gifts

Souvenirs And what is a souvenir? Let's look at dictionaries. Approximately obtained, it is something like a subject that should remind us of something, for example, on long and short-range trips to places of pilgrimage tourists, visiting exhibitions, museums, cultural centers, historic sites, we can continue this list for very long. Souvenir can be like a pebble or shell from the sea, a piece of limestone or a bag of sand from the valley pharaohs in the pyramids in Egypt, as well as a necklace, or a necklace for the beautiful half of mankind value, comparable to the value of a good estate. Who can afford that pocket. But not the cost, material cost, the main price of souvenirs.

Their value is that they have to carry the flavor, culture, customs and the continuity of generations of the locality of the country of the continent, part of which, or who they are. For each individual choice is yours. For a price drop of the Dead Sea for another bottle of wine from wineries in France, the third piece of floppy Bill Gates empire. Interests and tastes there is no limit. They can be only limited by the rules and laws of the countries they visit. That in the first place is the subject of how the interest and curiosity as tourists to the places they travel and their friends and relatives in their return home? Photos? Of course! Still, everyone, when viewing photos, slides, videos, waiting for the same start running, and most importantly the distribution of elephants.

Eight Ways To Turn From A Driver In A Pedestrian .

Check-in lane designated for car traffic in the opposite direction, or "Riding in English, may entail driving ban for a period of four to six calendar months. Often Traffic Police Inspector brings under a violation of a turn or a left turn through a continuous counting of the road, but it is a crime punishable by sda fine of one thousand to fifteen thousand. Driving vehicle without state registration numbers of the driver faces turning into a pedestrian on a rather long time: up to three months. However, there is an alternative fine-5000 Russian rubles. Important nuance: motorist, who decided to drive the car with fake "number" that uniquely deprive a driver's license for more long term - from six months to a year. Exactly at the same time can be cut off from steering wheel and driver's seat because the front of the machine will be installed red lights or Cataphotes. It should also remember that ordinary headlights or fog "that operate in a mode that does not relevant sda - as a reason for the revocation of driving rights.

Franco Years

De Gaulle was no longer returned to the headquarters of Petain. After serving in Trier, the captain was in 1929, the appointment is not in the headquarters of his patron, and the headquarters of the commander of French forces in the Levant. In November 1931, Major de Gaulle, a new assignment - to the secretariat national defense. This body was established to monitor the readiness of the state in case of war. It was a very intelligent work, and Charles de Gaulle took over her as a serious researcher. The work of de Gaulle seized, but here he was confronted with great difficulties. The concept of priority of offensive action, he insisted, was criticized and Petain, and many popular generals.

They all tended in favor of static defensive operations - to build a long-term lines of field fortifications. So there was a well-known during the Second World War, its futility "Maginot Line", stretching along the Franco-German border. Its construction lasted for five years and annually cost the one-fifth of France's military budget. It is against unquestioning repetition defense doctrine and opposed de Gaulle prewar years. In 1937, Colonel Charles de Gaulle withdrew from the Secretariat of National Defense and was promoted to commander, 507 th Tank Regiment, stationed in Metz. September 1, 1939 the invasion of German troops in Poland, and two days later, on September 3, entered the war, Britain and France, faithful to the agreement with Poland on the alliance. However, the combined Franco-British forces marched into Germany, though opposed to them just one understaffed army in the West unfinished shaft - a weak German analogue of the "Maginot Line".

Israeli Circassians

In the Circassian village of 25 drivers, six guards, 28 civil servants employed on farms 42 people in agriculture. The army and police are rihaniytsev 69, among them 50 officers and one general. The village is situated only two kilometers from the Lebanese border. In the interest of safety and to prevent terrorist attacks is surrounded by a solid wire fence. But Kfar Kama in such a precaution is not needed. All Israeli settlements are the city's infrastructure: paved streets and roads, sidewalks, paved with slabs, phone booths and night lighting, household institutions. Nowhere else you will not see the dirt and trash.

Private cars are not hiding in the garage: they are equipped with parking and carports. Kfar Kama and Rihani share of 70 kilometers. This is a little bit, but because of the mountainous terrain and frequent rotations of the road it seems too long. For 17 years prior to re-create a Jewish state in Palestine, seven kilometers from the town of Hadera, located Shapsugsky village Kirbet Cherkassy (Circassian wood). The name comes from forests that located nearby.

Government Procurement

Russia moves to conduct public procurement on the basis of the Internet and modern information technology. Organization of the electronic trading system for the supply and purchase of products and services for state needs a very important for our country. Advantages that make electronic trades, are obvious. Publication in a network full of information on tenders and competitive bidding and the results of their performance, making this public sector activity open and accessible to all organizations. Internet presence can bring to public procurement tenders wide range of contractors and suppliers. Information technologies enhance efficiency and reliability of the contest at all stages of its holding. In particular, significantly accelerated, cheaper and simpler procedures for obtaining documentation for tenders, submission and acceptance of bids, transfer of clarifying questions to the competition committee and get answers to them.

Cat Litters

If you're going to start or already have got a small pet, then directly from the first day before you face the task of how to train your pet to his toilet, as well as how to avoid unpleasant odors in Your home. In the case of removing unwanted odors, you will need cat litter. And although these days, everyone knows about his existence, came into the store for the first time you can get lost, since the spectrum on the market of goods is very wide. The idea of filling one - absorbs moisture and keep the smell, they differ on the material of construction and operating principle. Let's try to help sort out what are fillers, as well as their pros and cons. But first, some history. Inventor and father of the founder of the industry cat litter is considered to be an American, Edward Lowe (Edward 'Ed' Lowe).

Edward Lowe was born on 10 July 1920 in St. Paul Minnesota, the son of Lulu and Henry Lowe. Later his family moved to the city of Cassopolis, Michigan, where he enrolled in high school and spent his youth. After serving in the Army from 1941 to 1945, Edward returned to hometown and joined the business his father, who founded the company on sale of industrial adsorbents, which included sawdust adsorbent clay, called Fuller's Earth. This name was given adsorbent because historically it was used in textile industries (working on cleaning wool in a textile factory (fuller) - fuller (English)) - in a solution of water and adsorbent soaked raw wool to clean the last of dirt, grease and oil.

Prevention Breakdowns

Good computer equipment is expensive. Today, from its reliable operation depends very much - we trust computers to bookkeeping, business correspondence, keeping vital information. Therefore, serious computer crashes can be for the firm caused significant loss of income and even cause considerable losses (downtime, loss of valuable information, the results of which did not have time to maintain or have not yet done backup). Therefore it is expedient to take care of prevention of damage of computer equipment in advance to avoid serious problems in the future. Small firms can enter into a contract for subscription services computers with specialized companies. But some actions you can do on their own. Computer as an electronic device has some bitter enemies.

One is the ordinary dust. Any working electronics attracts quite a large amount of dust - see how much it collects on the screen and the back of the TV. And that to repair the TV often begins with the fact that the master vacuuming the internal circuitry, known to all who came across with this. Accumulated in the computer system unit dust can cause serious damage. A lot of dust accumulates on the fan, and he ceases to effectively cool the CPU - the main part of your computer. In addition, the dust is quite a good conductor and, accordingly, its accumulation on the motherboard may cause the closure, and as a consequence, full failure of the main computer chip. Capacitors, which are available on the motherboard may also fail due to dust. In order for your computer is stable, it is important that the temperature has been observed mode.

A Coach Can Lay An Egg Or How To Remove Many Bonuses From His

In previous chapters we talked about why most coaches are identical and because of this are malovostrebovannymi today continued the theme and talk about the mistakes in my opinion, one of the main causes of 'sameness' fear- lay an egg, do the wrong thing, to get training in the wrong direction, losing its status (the list of horrors goes on) Let's visualize this uzhasyYa mistake - the Group will cease to respect me - I can not achieve rezultatovYa mistaken - all noticed it - my status dropped - can not keep gruppuYa mistaken - The coach should not be mistaken - Next will not take my information and so on .... And if we add complexity, and imagine that a group of VIPov or people over a coach? From the fear of everything inside as much freezes!)) Why are not afraid to make mistakes and how to make your mistakes brings you the bonuses instead of fear? It does not say anything revolutionary. Everyone knows this, but few does. Coach-living person, like everyone else. He can fart, sneeze or blow his nose, he did not holy and immortal Priest Great Knowledge, even if he a member of 40 associations, the author of 250 articles and behind 1240 trainings If a coach hiding behind the facade of the statuses, titles, past experience and afraid to show a living person, then, on the one hand, it just becomes vulnerable to errors and their consequences (member of 40 associations simply can not be wrong!), on the other - participants may not perceive him as a person If a coach makes a mistake, but it is a human being, personality, participants will forgive his mistakes, but his credibility as a person would be much greater.

Small Businesses

The reason is obvious - Russian big business is divided, and the high level of competition in this market leads to lower profitability of lending. At the same time, small business loans is quite high rates of return. Who will be the leader in Small Business Lending - federal or local banks - hard to say. Noticeable trend in recent years has been the emergence of interest to small business by 'daughters' of foreign banks. Traditionally, foreign banks have more stringent requirements on risks, the procedures, so the small business lending market, they look weaker than the more flexible Russian banks. Nevertheless, after a while and foreign players will be able to compete with domestic.

Help them in this may underestimate the interest rates. Terms of lending to small businesses Why do interest rates are so high today? The logic of the banks is clear - 'communicating' with untrusted clients, creditors are always at risk. Higher rates offset the increased risks and costs of servicing smaller loans. In addition banks are required to offset their risks using non-standard forms of collateral. The fact that small companies usually can not provide a bank guarantee in highly liquid assets in connection with which lenders have to take a risk and issue unsecured or partially secured loans. To date, the average rate in the area of small business lending is 15-19% in rubles and 12-15% in dollars. Of course, the bet has regional characteristics - interest in the country may differ by 1-3 points.

Ordering A Taxi In Moscow

Taxis to the city and the city. Order a taxi by phone. Take the directory, open the Internet, find the phone a taxi, order and wait. True, the wait can be much longer than promised. Why.

Yes. Moscow in the transport problem against the city. b. In large companies, who actually can submit a car for 20-30 minutes, mostly working out of town that are not well know the city does not know the ways of a detour if they are, in principle. at. Main accept the order, but there wait when ordering a taxi by phone, note some features of the Moscow taxi: 1. Happy taxi rides to time, at night variants are possible: either the time or mileage.

Road Safety In Finland: New Technical Solutions

The decision of the State Council of Finland, adopted in 2006, provides for a set of 37 different activities, control by the Ministry of Transport and Communication. As the results of regular inspections in 2008 was completed or continued implementation of almost all of them. Low efficiency of execution or lack of it marked only such areas as "mandatory seat belt alarm", "Update fleet, "Reducing the allowable limits of control" and "The separation of bands." In 2009 in Finland, as in other eu countries, a marked improvement in terms of road safety. This caused both by prolonged deliberate efforts in this direction and, to a large extent, economic recession, which led to a decline in freight traffic and, in general, has changed the behavior of drivers making him more cautious. To determine more specific effects of the precarious economic situation to improve road safety is not possible. In 2009 the number killed in road accident in Finland was less than 300 people. This low level recorded for the first time since 1940.

But, despite the safe position above the target by 2010 is still quite distant perspective. Work to improve road safety in our country has been going on for many years. In the Advisory Board under the Ministry of Transport and Communications has started training the next program (plan) road safety since 2011. The main casualties in traffic accidents due to loss of control (the flight from the road) and vehicle collisions. The main causes of serious accidents are alcohol and high speed.

Waste Disposal

Exclude the possibility of misuse of allocated funds (funds transfer from one article costs for other activities). This is confirmed by the experience of different cities of the industrialized countries of the world. But despite all the progress in this direction (increasing the share of processing of solid waste dozens of times and as a consequence - reducing the share of transport costs, removal of most of the recycled waste outside of Moscow), this program has significant drawbacks: 1. When solid waste disposal is over all the standards at the landfill in 5 years is poisoning the land for a very large depth of: salts of heavy metals, toxins and dioxins, which are formed in places of tanning waste.

At the same time is poisoning of groundwater, 2. Incinerators produce dioxins and furans. The combustion process of msw is accompanied by the formation of ash (a poor slag) with multiple excess of the maximum allowable by salts of heavy metals, dust from gas cleaning, the toxicity of which is 3 times higher than that of ash. When using sorbents for removal of dioxins have a problem with their burial. This requires spetspoligony 3. Export garbage to landfills outside the city is very difficult to plan in connection with the position of the population and local authorities, especially as it leads to pollution of land, groundwater and atmosphere, salts of heavy metals and toxic substances; 4. Under existing conditions at this stage of data collection, processing and storage of waste requires an ever-increasing and ever-increasing burden on the budgets of those responsible for this structure.


Bargain makes sense if you go away (20-30 miles), at a later time or if you picked up a passenger at a place where public transport runs on major holidays. The most common mistake that can end for the unlucky 'cab' in tears - an attempt to climb on someone else's garden. Never try putting car parking, walk in search of potential customers, waving to the ignition key on airport, railway station, markets, in theaters, restaurants, bars - you immediately 'Calculate' local 'cabs'. These points have already chosen long before you have their 'security service', and in common 'roof', and undercut you here will not be allowed. It is safest for your life and wallet - is not engaging in any showdown with the local mafia, all the while moving in mainly through the busy streets, and not repeating daily the same route. 'Bombs' can be almost any time of day, but the most 'fertile' still morning. On weekdays from 8 to 10 hours Ytra people go mainly for work and often late.

Container Shipping

Many factors affect transportation. These include the type of cargo and the choice of vehicle: automobile, railway, sea and air routes. Each of the types of vehicles have their pros and cons, and often have to combine them. For example, automobile shipping, usually the final link in the transportation in remote areas. Sometimes the process of delivery is so complex that their own forces to develop a plan for the 'event' is almost impossible. Are utilized air shipping, road and rail transport. Of all types of cargo, oversize cargo transportation is one of the most complex. Often, these goods require special conditions, special equipment. International cargo such registration may require some special additional papers and permits for importation and exportation.

One of the the most convenient and fastest growing forms of transportation so today - container shipping. Containers have standard dimensions. It is very important because through this they can carry different types of transport. This means that the load will not shift once again, that ultimately will prevent damage. Generally speaking, all container traffic can be divided into four types: each of them can carry the goods to Russia and worldwide, even in the most remote corners of the 'door to door' without shifting cargo. Of course, such transportation is very convenient, it eliminates the cargo owner practically from all the worries: Even sealed containers and printed in the presence of the client. Nevertheless, completely insulate themselves from the risk of losing weight, it will only insurance.

High Cube Transportation

There are 40 feet (12 192 mm (Standard, High - High Cube), as well as 3 and 5-ton containers. There are specialized containers such as: 20 and 40 'Open Top (open top, covered with a canvas awning), container type Flatrack (20 and 40 feet). Containers open on horseback, covered with a cloth curtain, used to carry oversized cargo. Container called tankteyner consisting of tanks and the frame of the conventional container, allows transport of liquid. Tank-refy used for the transportation of perishable goods.

Also there are containers with a removable housing, which are transported by trucks or trains because they are too light and fragile to put them at each other. They have a skeleton has folding legs, so they can be moved between the means of transportation without the use of the crane. Containers provide a greater degree of security of cargo, which is associated with following factors: the container is usually made of steel or aluminum, it's hard to crack, leaving no visible traces, the container can be locked with lock and seal, which gives him the security of this kind, which have trailers and rail cars, with the use of seals of high quality and reliable design are difficult to remove without leaving traces of tampering, the container can install the whole pallets, which greatly increases the degree of protection from cargo theft; Since 1984, has become increasingly common mechanism for transport of containers by rail in two tiers. Specially designed platforms, conveyors of this type transport dramatically reduce the possibility of damage to cargo during transportation and ensure high safety of goods through the strengthening of the lower containers so that their doors can not be opened.

Czech Republic

Czech Ministry of Labour opens up a new stage of struggle against the foreign labor force. 2010 will be for many foreign migrants living in the Czech Republic last registration of the new jobs will be entirely given over to device citizens of the Czech Republic. Migrant workers who work on labor work visas obtained on the basis of employment contracts from the Czech employers are forced to pack your bags. To a greater degree of innovation Czech immigration authorities to the workers who have a work permit and employment contract from the Czech company. Work Visa Czech Republic has a maximum validity of 365 days or one year. Since early 2010, again behind the scenes Czech Prace (Ministry of Labour) stopped issuing work permits for foreigners with work visas is comparable to the death.

To renew the working visa work in the Czech Republic for foreign police the base is just a work permit. And if such permission from the alien is in the Czech Republic will not appear, then, and his stay in the Czech Republic will end. Dream of working visa for foreigners is not in the Czech Republic should not be in general. Consulate of the Czech Republic stopped accepting foreigners with work permit back in 2009. Aliens who have been successfully applied to a work visa with no luck even more, and they were denied the visa. In Currently hundreds of foreigners have not got to the consulate to file were both deprived of their visas and work that was so anxious to get it.

Web Content

Let us not also forget about this concept, as adequacy of the text to your visitors. Actually, this is - the base from which to repel the planning create text content for the site. Else - true only in so far correctly predicted expectations of the visitor. Before ordering content for the site, you must remember a few rules, which in this case should be guided. The quality of content. As the Internet and beyond, demand uses only qualitative information. Unnecessary meaningless blocks of text, illiterate, write something like texts, materials, articles, unchanged wandering from one site to another - bleak, grim picture, which adversely affects the image of the resource.

This could easily scare off visitors. But the main rule of life: it must be intended for people, not for search engines. Scares and 'unformatted' text. It would seem that simpler: naskanirovat advertising leaflets, collect magazine articles, copy some successful texts from other resources - and the site is ready. Alas, this approach has long discredited itself. A simple compilation of advertising texts, let even they are praising your products and services, in practice, does not work. Sites, the content of which is not even compiled into a single format, a seasoned Internet user knows at a glance.

It is not hard to guess that the first sight usually becomes the last. Negative effect and inaccurate data. Normal company, which wants to develop stably, no need to fraud to inflate his image. To anything broadcast from the 'broad scope of interests company ', to say that there is' products for every taste', if it does not correspond to reality.

A Collection of Interactive Road Maps

Russia road maps are available to any who need them. On each of the interactive road maps of regions of European Russia may be using just one mouse click watch all the necessary information. The location of hotels, cafes and restaurants, automobile workshops and tire changers, gas stations and traffic police posts, as well as distance to them. No matter what road did not pass on your route, no matter what length they were not convenient and simple interface allows anyone, even unfamiliar with the Internet auto-traveler, take advantage of information about them. Lucky for those who car gprs is equipped with modern navigation, you're from anywhere in Russia can go to the site and familiarized with the interactive maps, select the optimal route. And if the night and finding you in an unfamiliar place or if you just lost, the information in the section "Road Service" will help to know the location of the nearest village and hotels. You effortlessly find the shortest path to the right place, as this section contains information about the cafes and restaurants, which can be inexpensive and tasty meal on the go. In the case of an unexpected breakdown of the Iron Horse there can also find the location nearest you from the service center, and the phone call a tow truck if there is no opportunity to repair the machine on its own..

Travel Agents Who Rent Out Aircraft Aircraft

If we speak about modern tourism, there is gravitation towards the services of airlines and aircraft brokers who provide rental of private aircraft. Signing of contracts occurs only when conditions where known place of arrival, departure date and the number of tourists in groups, as well as negotiated with hotels and all service providers. It is to determine the responsibilities and obligations of the parties, and situations where completely canceled flights or not to sell seats on an airplane, you want a contract. The contract must be properly designed. Only in this case, it provides a system of compensation of damages to the parties for in each case. Tour operator is obliged to be organized, as it helps him not to depend on other suppliers. Long-term contracts with hotels, as a rule, enter into major travel companies. Placing a rest on a certain number of rooms or the provision of loading hotel, offers travel company low prices, but carries some risk for the owner of the hotel.

In the case when not all tours are sold, there is a risk to the tour operator. There are 3 types of contracts with airline companies: a contract for a certain number of seats on regular flights, direct the agency agreement, contract for the charter (aircraft leasing). In organizing the airline customer and the company that provides aviation services, determine the route and determine the price of the flight, which includes aircraft leasing, fuel cost, work crew and service at the airport. Practice shows that organized the flights it makes sense only if the seasonal months of rest actually executing at least a half dozen trips back and forth. You can, of course, make more number of flights up to 2 times a week, and the number of departures for the season will be more.

Road Transport

Trucking in our country play a crucial role. Russia - a country with vast territory, and operational issues of delivery in these circumstances are particularly relevant. Delivery of cargo road has a number of extremely valuable qualities both in passenger and in freight transport. Among these qualities - ability to deliver cargo at a convenient for the customer time and place in Unlike, for example, by rail, air or sea. In addition, the transport of goods make it possible to deliver cargo directly to its destination without having to overload. More an excellent quality trucking is the ability to choose the most convenient route and easy to modify, if necessary.

These and other qualities have made long-distance transport of goods and international transport of goods available to the public and deservedly popular. Modern transport of goods - is the application of modern vehicles of different capacity, including special transport. Transport of goods, Moscow (Ekaterinburg) is required for both private and corporate klientov. goods Ekaterinburg carries a really big number of companies. How do I choose? According to what parameters target? What you need to know to optimize transportation costs? Gone are challenging times for drivers, when the trucks were attacked and looted, and truck drivers refused to carry the load.

Rigging Work And Their Features

Rigging, moving equipment, dismantling equipment, dismantling machinery, loading and unloading of equipment are all parts of rigging services. Rigging work normally ordered, when the movement of cargo required special equipment and specialized equipment. In the rigging is quite a lot of services. It is not always possible to simply load the cargo on the car and drive it, often, especially when oversized cargo, more action is needed for the safe transport of cargo. An experienced rigger should be able to competently, safely and without damaging the goods to make loading and unloading equipment, as well as during transportation sometimes require special documents, provided that the cargo is oversized.

Must be familiar with all types of equipment and be able to properly follow instructions, because it is often required to make installation and dismantling of equipment. And if such scaffold carrying medical equipment, it is very fragile, then at the slightest mistake and neglect can no longer work, and his incorrect installation can also lead to equipment failure. Very often confused with a simple scaffold loaders, it's pretty unfair, all you need porters is the force, but the scaffold need to know and be able to very much. Many people do not suspect the existence of lifting work, assuming that all this can make the usual stevedores. I hope I got enough description to tell what is the rigging.


All variety of stores for beginning it is worth noting that the equipment and, respectively, at a cost of construction and maintenance of warehouses are divided into several classes - A, B, C and D. Also, developers often introduce additional sub-categories (for example, "A +" B +), trying to emphasize the enhanced functionality and additional benefits of their warehouses. The most expensive of all plans are the warehouses of class "A" and "A +". This modern monoobemnye building with a ceiling height not less than 10 m (to install tiered shelf equipment), with a column grid of at least 9 meters and the distance between the spans of not less than 24 meters. Essential attribute of such warehouses is smooth Concrete floor with anti-dust coating, with a load of not less than 5 tons per sq ft, at 1.2 m above the ground - for the work of loading equipment (stackers, trolleys, etc.). Among the obligatory signs of warehouses first class - the climate system with controlled temperature, the presence of Autonomous power and thermal unit, a large number of gates with ramps for unloading transport, extensive guarded and fenced area for parking and maneuvering heavy vehicles with easy access roads.

In addition, the complexes of Class "A" are provided with office and storage rooms and a full array of telecommunications. Such storage area suitable for processing all types of cargo, even the "naughty" - drugs and foods that require fast processing of sensitive or special temperature-humidity storage conditions. Warehouses Class "B" and B + differ from the premium somewhat pared-down functionality and a less convenient location, which leads to cheaper construction and maintenance.

The Dispatcher

A similar situation is very common at the airport or train station. Similarly, the transfer price for a taxi from Borispol, found at the airport, may be significantly higher in comparison with the order of the machine Kiev taxi service or taxi Boryspil by telephone or in advance via the internet. It is therefore not surprising that the taxi drivers who were waiting for more generous or simply more customers rushing to these places, simply refuse take people for adequate taxi fares Kiev. After all, it is much more interesting and more profitable to transport clients to their prices, and those who do not agree - let bought a car taxi service in Kiev (or call a taxi Boryspil, if the airport). Also, if someone suddenly does not know what it is worth saying that the taxi service in Kiev (as well as taxi Boryspil) - this is not the companies that have their own taxi cab company and hired drivers, and only dispatch taxis and taxi drivers just cooperate with them, following the awarding of contracts and paying a certain percentage of them. Ie car owned by the driver and the dispatcher and the leaders of the taxi services in Kiev have very limited impact on driver. Although the taxi fares Kiev determine all the same dispatch services, but these rates are primarily related to orders received from the controller, and how much money is taken from their direct customers, the driver decides for himself. Enough often happens that the taxi drivers in Kiev are simply not willing to fill an order on the proposed tariffs (this is especially true when you call a taxi cheaper), so that he heard from the dispatcher or operator, "Sorry, we do not have free machine, you may want to understand it as "I'm sorry, but we are not there free car" or "driver refuses to comply with an order for the proposed conditions." In general, the number of taxi companies in Kiev is so large that a taxi is usually not difficult, even a cheap taxi during rush hour on a very popular (or unpopular) route.


Logistics - the branch at the junction of the two eternal Russian troubles. Whether because goods pass our long expanse of the country is not in the best case for seven days and twice as much time is spent crossing the state border? Who Mind knows Russia does not understand "We have, until recently, trained specialists - there was no understanding of what the logistics and it's all science, - said Olga Simonov, head of recruitment direction "Logistics. Customs. fea personnel center "UNITY." - And in college textbooks is decrypted only as "the science of the supply front and rear. And the peaceful Russian people, therefore, to nothing "One of the the main difficulties of the Russian logistics market - the lack of skilled labor "- this conclusion is contained in the study of Global Logistic 2015 +, published by Berlin Institute of Technology. The reasons for this situation are clear.

On the one hand - just started production of its own specialists. On the other - Knowledge alone is not enough, we also need experience. And our Russian experience, as always unique. Until recently, the clearest symbol of the "logistics in Russian "was the Cherkizovsky market," Cherkizon. Products from distant countries in a roundabout way with all possible tricks penetrated the capital of our Motherland and from there to the good old shuttle bags to spread on its spaces. Loads - pass customs, money - by cash, the scheme seemed to be eternal, as the suit of many.

The UN

To prevent extraterrestrial technology from falling into the hands of Iraqi dictator Saddam, the Americans, under the guise of combating 'terrorism' and without the sanction of the un went into Iraq to confiscate the extraterrestrial technology they received. According to some ufologists, contacts, the Americans agreed with the extraterrestrial tehno-civilization to exchange technology that they are in the Earth behaving freely. They can be themselves without the permission of the Americans to act on the territory of the Earth, but they do not want to break the cosmic law of non-interference. When the Americans gave permission for the free action, they will tomorrow be responsible for this action to the forces of the cosmos. Unfriendly attitude of these extraterrestrial to mankind often the world's media note. In turn, the global media is trying all the extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth to show only a black background. This is done with a purpose. Humanity itself is alien to the other stellar systems.

Our space brothers have always helped us and unnoticed since the onset of strangers watching humanity to it that - something is not done, they have not forgotten the lesson of Atlantis. The emergence of extraterrestrial ships in our space in 40 years has increased dramatically. After humanity has developed and used against their fellow nuclear weapons. Often their appearance is recorded near military installations. They know that it is not God forbid that terrible weapons falling into the hands of dictators, fanatics, then of our civilization and the Mother - the Earth does not .Kogda on a ship 'Apollo 13' accident happened and he could not have landed, the real reason of this accident Americans were silent.

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