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Grudgingly, our politicians are informing to dropper into their patrimony. Richest of the Catalans it seems to be Artur Mas, with means million Euros. Really there is nobody surpasses to him? The accounts of our politicians are the opposed thing to those of the Great Captain: generally, they are so poor that, one of two, or are incompetent in the life or lying ones. Read more from Robotics to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Everything must to the thick informative opacity of our public life. The same that denounces in its last report Transparency the International and that ends up causing always turbid corruptions like those of the Palau of Music, the Pretoria case, Francisco Strap, the Brugal case, the one of Palm Sand and so many others. It is that to the politicians they do not like to explain what does with our money beyond the euphemistic budgetary games they surround whereupon them.

Not long ago, asked for the costs overrun of a work of Santiago Calatrava, the person in charge of the Valencian finances declared that she was " a subject interno". So what. In the end, it is difficult to unravel a dense accounting to which the profane ones we are other people's. And it is that the politicians forget deliberately that the citizens we are its heads and who they must render accounts to us. For that reason, in this she was computer science, the state, autonomic, municipal authorities and others would have to hang in Internet, day to day, each purchase, each cost, each colorful subsidy and each payment to diffuse advisers so that therefore the contributors we saw how they spend our money. If therefore one became, what little manoeuvre margin they would have left then to sinvergenzas and to the corrupt ones! Original author and source of the article.