The Senate Lay The Republican Plan To Increase The Ceiling Of The Debt Of EE UU

Hours earlier, it had been approved in the House of representatives. The U.S. Senate rejected Friday the Republican proposal to increase the U.S. debt ceiling, shortly after it was approved in the House of representatives. In a procedure vote, the Senate approved a measure, 59-41, for ctivamente block the plan of the President of the House of representatives, Republican John Boehner, as the leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate, Harry Reid had warned. West Lake Landfill is likely to agree. This movement keeps alive the dispute over the debt limit, which the next 72 hours will be the key to try to reach an agreement in time to complete the procedures prior to August 2, deadline marked by the Treasury Department to avoid the suspension of payments. The main opposition was that the Republican plan sets an elevation of debt in two phases, one that it would give green light to an increase of nearly a trillion dollars until the end of this year and the other, which would have to be put to a vote in Congress in 2012, presidential election year. Reid appeared before the press minutes after the vote and repeated his complaint that the Republicans don't want a negotiated solution and are endangering the country's economic health.

It is time to be adults, we meet and reach a compromise, he said. On Saturday the House of representatives will meet at midday and expected vote later the Reid proposal, in what is another vote on partisan lines of rejection of the Democratic plan. It is expected that the Senate carry out a vote of procedure on the plan submitted by Reid on Sunday at 0600 peninsular Spanish time and the final vote could occur on Monday. Source of the news: the Senate lay the Republican plan to increase the ceiling of the debt of EE UU