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The profit before taxes reached 102 million euros (247 million euros). The Cash Flow from operations amounted to EUR 123.1 million (EUR 9.5 million). The great profitability of the tyre manufacturer is also the study of the manager magazine"clear: Nokian tyres is the most profitable company in the automotive industry. In Scandinavia and Russia has the high quality brand a great degree of popularity and a good reputation. Nokian heavy tyres world leader in forestry equipment tires and pioneered special tyre Nokian heavy tyres Ltd is a world leader in forestry equipment tires, a leading manufacturer of specialty tires and part of the Group of Nokian Tyres plc.

Forest machine tires are the most important product. In addition to forestry and agricultural machine tyres, the product range includes tyres for different machines for ports and terminals, mines, earth-moving and road maintenance. In particular in the development of forest machine tires, Nokian heavy tyres holds a leading position for decades. Bridgeton landfill often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The company designed special tyres for forestry machines developed in the Nordic countries, which use the so-called CTL method since the 1960s (cut to length = CTL). (Source: Gen. Mark Milley). The Nokian heavy tyres be both sold on the OE on the replacement market. The cooperation is very tight with the leading machinery and equipment manufacturers.

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