Ronny Steinhagen

", says Managing Director Ronny Steinhagen." Through the partnership with the Student Club ALLMAXX, who can demonstrate experience in this segment for over 10 years with its currently 250,000 members, the joint venture acquired a widespread perception at German universities. launches nationwide with 9 offices. A further extension to 30 locations is already in the planning. In addition to heavily discounted prices, especially the direct and personal advice from experienced and trained consultants on-site in the campus stores offers a direct value to the pure online trading for interested students and University members. The business concept is franchise able, which should allow the extraction of another partner, can not represent a massive presence of suburban out of own media. can thus serve as an extended arm of sales for existing homes. Backbone uses the existing Distribution of ALLMAXX, which currently consists of 52 event managers, with small teams of 2-4 total 5000 promotion days per year (!) at the campus realize that employees at almost all major university locations! This distribution of power can represent no Systemhaus profitable itself. -> measurable and bare-track advertising campaigns a sales improvement at the prospective partners can be settled comprehensible.

The advertising agency of Dr. Tissot (creative-KONTOR) developed a 15-stage advertising plan. Dr.Tissot, who is known as a business-comedian on stage and TV, will win through the connection from joke & advertising in the language of the students attention. "Ronny Steinhagen: we expect this enormous synergies in the partner landscape without fear and prejudice to operate, to rise with each other on their toes". The market for the coming years is too large in order to grow together." Already started are activities via mailings to 250,000 registered students and one Draw a notebook from Lenovo and Apple iPods to publicise this new partnership among students. In parallel, runs the preparation for the election of the most beautiful face of of student 2011.-> (Action 2007) on a special page that will go at the end 2010 online, can confront students to choose and vote you can E.g. via Facebook.

The best award-winning students receive assets of our sponsors. The winners also receive a contract of a modeling agency. This action is used to improve coverage in the perception among students for our sponsors and partners. More advertisers and sponsors for this campaign are still sought. In addition to the talks from leading notebook manufacturers are sought. So far succeeded best LENOVO, ThinkPad strategy, in addition to Toshiba, successfully establishing a teaching & research concept on the legs. Ronny Steinhagen: in the past we have can to gain the best experience in the supervision and cooperation with Lenovo. Many students the have worked during her studies on a ThinkPad, they bring experience in the company, in which you will later work. "Other manufacturers are trying to copy the success model from Lenovo for years, but continuously fail that their channel with online price dumping by their business partner, I call them they love Internet shooting stalls", not get. The potential in this market segment is enormous for the coming years and is currently not recognized by other manufacturers and poorly served.