Polimedel Medical Film

Polimedel. Medical film from the pain. What's really behind these phrases? How much do they adequately reflect the scope of the term. Interpret the term to begin: Polimedel - Medical Polymer electrets. This is a very fine film, almost in line with recent nanotendentsy, but still slightly thicker will be. Size 30 by 9 cm and a special technology, which received a patent scientist from St. Peterurga Kopyshevym Lavrent'ev,. In the film for a long time (at practice, this term is 3 years), embedded electrical charge.

In the electrostatic field, which creates polimedel, activates and accelerates the physiological processes of tissue regeneration, fusion of fractures, and so etc. The main purpose of the film polimedel - to restore the blood vessels and, more significantly, to restore the half-dead, half-destroyed capillaries, which should deliver each cell nutrients and eliminate toxins. If same capillary packed with slags and toxins, is drying up the cell membrane. The film reduces pain, swelling, and accelerates the healing of fractures and injuries, promotes healing of burns due to changes in blood composition and rheological purification of the capillaries. By the way, a progressive decrease in the number of capillaries after 50 years, resulting in desiccation of the cells and the physiological basis of aging and disease. Fracture healing under the influence of film polimedel one month equivalent to three months' treatment of the fracture without polimedela. When treating burns, wounds are the primary tension without suppuration and appearance of the epithelium is reduced by 7 days due to increase the blood levels of immunoglobulins. Polimedel effekiven for bruises: a bruise may not occur if you make a film to the site of injury within 15 minutes.

Consider the full range of therapeutic properties of the film polimedel. Accelerated growth of bone tkaniOsteoporoz. Heel spurs. Arthritis, arthritis, sciatica, rheumatism. . PodagrHrust joints. Restoration of the femoral neck. Post-operative scars. Bruises, sprains, fractures, and rastyazheniya.Oteki inflammation of various origins. Osteomyelitis, 'sinegnoyka'. Bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, sinusitis. ARI and influenza. Inflammation of the trigeminal nerve. Periodontal disease. Myshts.Polimedel disease and cardiovascular sistemIshemicheskaya heart disease, high blood pressure. Intracranial pressure. Atherosclerosis. Thrombophlebitis. Varicose veins. Grid vessels in the skin. Polimedel as an analgesic when an electric field that penetrates to a depth of 14 cm, there is a persistent effect of anesthesia. It is used in the following states: Osteochondrosis. Sciatica. Joint diseases. Renal and hepatic colic. Pain in the internal disease organovYazvennaya stomach in remission, chronic colitis. Migraine, neuralgia, cardialgia. Polimedel - it's relatively cheap (by dividing the cost of 3 years we get 40 cents a day) and a very effective tool, which is a must have in every home medicine cabinet. ARGO provides an opportunity to buy at the lowest prices polimedel online store