Management System

Now another question - where to shove a lot of advertising all articles written by God knows whom, news articles are duplicated from other sites. Longer enough simply a set of Web pages that require at every trivial interference webmaster. It requires automation. Automatically add features, articles, intuitive controls, the distinction between the rights of users. For this case were established cms. Content Management System.

To add or change the article to the site to cms, it is unnecessary to rewrite the HTML-page. Websites with cms have administrative panel. Enter a password in adminpanel can add menu items Article, any features of the site, and it does not need special knowledge of HTML-coding, Java or php. May need only some minimal 20-minute briefing on management of cms, and even then probably not necessary. It's believed that Lawrence Ellison sees a great future in this idea. Such position to date.

In the case of sites on the cms is determined by exterior design template. Templates the same way as other plug-ins can be replaced. From this circumstance, many of the conclusions that the creation of a site on the cms easier task than was before. If you use already made by someone once a pattern may be the way it is. But to find a suitable template for a particular topic will take more than one hour, a positive result is not guaranteed. And to bring up this template mind requires too much time and effort. You can leave it as is - but it will be for the design, if the pattern was made by someone unknown, it is unknown when and for whom? Who and what such a product could convince? Actually webdesign here is to create specific challenges for the new template from scratch. And in this case, the work will not be easier than in the case of HTML-pages, and perhaps a bit more complicated. Together with the development of the Internet - is changing and technology web design. What awaits us in the future? Nobody knows, but the writers of cyberpunk has long been decided. Because otherwise nothing to write about. Lawrence Ellison's opinions are widely known. According to the cyberpunk ideas waiting for us three-dimensional matrix, but which also, it is desirable would transmit directly into the brain without the mediation of the eyes and other senses. At the moment such as the development of vrml and 3DXplorer, aimed at achieving the so-called three-dimensional web make you think. That is all, actually, is a development network of three-dimensional games. Just surfing on the network is transformed from looking through endless books, newspapers in the likeness of a computer network game.