How To Retrieve Our Destiny Pain After

"What sense does it run when we are in the wrong career?" German proverb. Dedicated to: my brother Samuel, who have suffered most. In recent days I've been a little sick. You know why? Simple and simply because I have allowed the dynamics of today's society I caught in their nets. I mean I've been involved in living things in a hurry, almost reaching even state of automatism: sleeping, eating, working, writing, thinking about what "came on the agenda." That obviously led me to a "beautiful chaos." So dear reader, I wrote: "beautiful chaos." Do you know why? Because it is precisely because of the disease and its process of redemption that I've made aware that he was losing control of my life and body, (with its own intelligence knew of its nature), has ordered me to rest and honor the life . It's amazing to realize, when one reflects on it, how far we are able to endure the pain and / or resist when we are subjected to something we dislike. In fact, I can not find an answer somehow consistently and successfully. No one understands why the world is full of suffering.

Throughout my life I have found rich with endless challenges that remain and always has been with me the pain: one example is the following fact due to a malformation in my face for genetics and I have suffered birth Thirteen reconstructive surgery. These experiences have helped me develop the ability to understand the function of pain. The suffering is there to remind us that there is its opposite: the cure, relief, pleasure. It's like when we refer to the day and night, yin and yang. There are opponents to find a balance. Fortunately, as human beings we can go further.

We can decide to live only one of two extremes: the smartest course is to select well-being. And yet, by a strange situation, we fall into the dynamics of assuming that we are born to suffer or that some things are unattainable. In addition to the thirteen reconstructive surgeries, I've faced a car accident, in which they emerged unscathed. More than physical pain I faced the emotional pain of knowing that many of the tourists died in the bus. In the professional I have dealt with the pain of failure, but above all, the act which is more painful to human beings can face: the fear of taking action and entrepreneurship. The message I want to make in this article is: like it or not, there will be suffering. It is not something Primerica login would like to discuss. It is our decision to transform it into pleasure. Suffering can lead you to promise things like: "I've made a firm decision to change my life, being a successful person, to live fully and with a great positive influence on what people around me." What is your promise? For now we humbly ask you to promise to think about it and make a decision.