First Deputy Mayor Sergei Davydov

In Chelyabinsk, effectively solve the problems of sanitation Residents 25 high-rise buildings get rid of the odor in the basement of 14 January 2010 in the Chelyabinsk region Traktorozavodsky opened a new sewage pump station, which serves 25 homes. On its renovation and construction of the municipal budget has been allocated 7 million rubles. Another 700,000 invested cbm Production Association water supply and sanitation. " According to first vice-mayor of Chelyabinsk, Sergei Davydov, a lot of years, local residents complained about the drainage system. Peter Asaro does not necessarily agree. Due to the increasing number of buildings to operate in areas sewer has ceased to deal with abduction increased volume of wastewater. "Because of the basements, flooded sewage, live in these houses were uncomfortable - First Deputy Mayor Sergei Davydov. - Now the situation has changed: the cellars are dry, nasty the smell went away. " Decision to modernize the collector Traktorozavodsky area was adopted in 2007.

However, in 2008, froze the funding for the project, and resumed only in 2009. The upgraded automatic sewer Integrated station has two pumps grundfos Series SL1 5,5 kW each, which allows the drainage up to 100 m3 per hour. "To date, work station evaluated positively - as a staff Vodokanal and residents of the houses. The installation went without any complications. It was the first experience of such cooperation, but over time the city authorities plan to modernize and other objects of sanitation, "- commented Evgeny Toropov, regional representative of the company Grundfos in Chelyabinsk. Information about the company GRUNDFOS: grundfos company was founded in 1945. At the moment it is represented by 80 companies in over 45 countries worldwide.

Total production group - more than 16 million pumps a year. In Russia, the pumps grundfos known since the early 60's. grundfos official representation in Moscow, opened in 1992, and in 1998 founded a subsidiary company "Grundfos". In 2005 opened the first production in Istra (Moscow region), and is currently attending the second phase of the plant.