Elective Operations

This information should be provided to a patient known to be in a plain language and in a form that allows the patient to weigh the "pros" and "against", and to take informed and independent decision about its agreement or disagreement to the proposed treatment. In interpreting the above requirements of the Act, the Supreme Court stressed that the obligation to provide information and its scope is not limited to a list provided by paragraphs of the Act. Physician must provide the patient with the most comprehensive information and, as already noted above, in simple terms and clear language. Moreover, the court verdict in the case against the hospital Daaka "Caramel," Chief Justice Theodor Or said that even if the patient's voluntary refusal of information does not relieve the physician from liability. Physician should make every effort to providing information, and even if the patient does not want to listen to, a physician must refer to his relatives, guardians, etc.

Requirement to provide information essential in particular when it comes to so- called elective operations, ie operations is not urgent, not necessarily related to treatment or a disease, such as plastic and cosmetic procedures, laser vision correction, etc. Lack of consent to treatment is not the only reason for filing a claim for medical malpractice. The basis of claims for damages can be selected and disparity of treatment of existing modern medical standards, failure to accepted technical and bureaucratic procedures, etc. If you would like to know more about west Lake Landfill, then click here. Unfortunately, in the absence of sufficient knowledge and an undeveloped legal culture that is not always the victims of medical malpractice apply to the court for enforcement of their rights. In conclusion of this brief digression again, I note that recently the court recognizes all the greater responsibilities of doctors in claims for medical malpractice. Amount of compensation, appointed by the court, expressed often in hundreds of thousands of shekels more. Of course, that no amount of money will not return the health of the patient, but at the moment is the only way to compensate for the suffering and make life easier for the victim and his family.