Domestic Law of Business

What affects the above variables - this is domestic law of business, country of registration of your company's country of residence which are you personally, as a citizen, and various international agreements on tax matters between the above-mentioned countries. The number of countries as you can see, there may be several, one, two, three or even more. The more jurisdictions you can afford, the more you have the choice and scope for tax and financial flexibility. Reflecting on the topic of tax planning, you can come to a rather interesting results, such as Dr. WJ. Hill, developing and practicing the theory of "permanent Travels" - a cosmopolitan lifestyle, which gives individual sovereignty and freedom from government control over your life and property.

So he came to the conclusion that the "perfect life" you need to use the five jurisdictions, or five so-called "flags". Flag 1. Here, Peter Schiff expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Business base - a country where you do business, make money. The country with the most favorable opportunities for doing business. Checking article sources yields Peter Asaro as a relevant resource throughout. This "flag" must be different from the "flag" your official residence. Flag 2. Passport and citizenship - must be received in a country that does not show much interest in its missing citizens, and to what they are employed, it should provide the maximum protection of the rights and freedoms of its citizens, wherever they are.

Flag 3. Place of residence, residency - "tax haven" with good communications, enabling political, economic, social and climatic conditions. Flag 4. Location of the assets - a country with a robust banking system, which allows efficient and confidential manage your cash assets safe guarding the rights of private property.