CTI Movil

With a more powerful than slider phone other Latin American countries and after almost 20 years of privatization of telecommunications, the penetration of telephone service and Internet in Mexico is below the average for the cell phones region, and at prices higher than the that there are nations in the region. The diagnosis, as discussed years ago, it is now clear: a Federal Telecommunications Act is not met, a weak regulator that has not been able or wanted to punish anti-competitive practices and the lack of a public policy to make telecommunications sector lever for competitiveness, the experts concluded. CTI Movil, was a mobile phone company in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. It is a subsidiary of America Movil. Currently, it operates under the brand name Claro.
Began commercial operations in the interior of Argentina Verizon on May 25, 1994 under the name of the phone wireless phones company's Interior SA after having been awarded the international tender called by the Argentine government for the area I and area for the North II South.
The company is 100 subsidiary of America Movil, SA of C.V. BMV: AMX NYSE: AMX . NASDAQ: AMOV LATIBEX: XAMXL marketed in several countries under the name Claro, the leading provider of wireless services in Latin America.
In 1999, the company extended its wireless service in the region of AMBA (Capital candy bar phone Federal and Gran, where he began to provide PCS services. During that year, also enables long distance service from national and international fixed telephony.
In its period of operation the company has provided the opportunity to access advanced services to vast rural and small town in the interior cellular phones of the country cell phones and integrated into the national territory.
In December 2003, CTI Movil launched the mobile phone with GSM technology and today has a network of wireless GSM fuller country with more than 65 additional Motorola services to mobile telephony. The main quality that advertises LG the company is its cellular providers alleged 100 GSM coverage in Argentina. That's not entirely true, since there are parts of the country where the cellular phone plans signals from other providers (Movistar or Personal) is clear mobile phones and strong, but not that cellular coverage of CTI Movil (such as those located in the populated highlands of northwestern HTC Argentina) . CTI Movil's strength at this point is found in rural areas, where the situation is reversed.