Credit Card Details

Cloakware password authority: the regulatory compliance of the payment card industry Frankfurt/Vienna (Virginia), June 2009 Cloakware, manufacturer of innovative security solutions, has the five most common mistakes in the management of credit card data identified: 1 using by default passwords of the manufacturers default passwords are preset by the manufacturer delivered. Via the Internet can hackers and their own employees but at any time easily obtain these and gain access to critical business data. Companies should therefore change these passwords after installation and update regularly. 2. unsecured access to credit card data often administered administrator password in spreadsheet applications such as Excel. This makes it easy not authorized persons to access and thus to gain access to customer credit card data.

Companies should use a secure system at this point for a privileged user password management. 3. too many rights tend to simplify the management, Companies, not granular to forgive enough rights to databases and applications. To prevent the access of unauthorized employee on critical data, companies should give at least group - and role-based rights. 4. no transparency in the sharing of passwords can never unequivocally sure who actually has access to a system. The assignment of unique identities solves this problem, but at the same time increases the burden for the administration.

An appropriate password management system eliminates this vulnerability. 5. no Monitoring Auch a simple permission check is not enough. Companies should therefore actively monitor access on all relevant systems. So, the duration of the infringements is minimized. Active monitoring is an effective means of minimising risk at this point. Because of the frequency of such cases, companies should take appropriate countermeasures. Password authority, a security solution by Cloakware, automates and simplifies the Management of A2A (application-to-application)- and administrator passwords in companies. Centralized, policy-based control ensures compliance with all the relevant directives (compliance requirements) and controls who can access to critical systems and data. Official site: west Lake Landfill.