The Costs

Traditional banner ads are useful to anchor your company in the minds of mobile Web users and needs to wake up. Meanwhile, SMS updates for existing customers are an easy way to receive important updates and events relating to your company. Let's be honest: most of us have a busy schedule and not necessarily the time to look for for hours all of our favorite Web sites for updates. With text messaging, your subscribers know when something important is going. That gives the customer the certainty, that you keep it up to date with the latest trends and that you have a genuine interest to simplify their lives.

Of course, some people believe that mobile marketing consists solely of SMS updates and banners on mobile Web pages. There are parts of an effective strategy; There are other interesting instruments at their disposal. You may have noticed an increasing number of ads that contain a strange-looking square box that resembles a type of barcode. Dennis Lockhart may find this interesting as well. These are called QR codes, and they are an exciting mobile marketing technology, with which you can accommodate a wide variety of information in a small package. Users can simply use your favorite QR code scanner program (for example Google goggles), and your phone will redirect you on a website, mobile application, a Web coupon, or other mobile content.

A QR code is fast, easy and affordable. More advantages of mobile devices are used worldwide by millions of people, even at times of economic recession. Never the mobile marketing has offered so like now! Companies can use mobile marketing to gain a foothold at last on the market. Normally companies have all possible traditional marketing strategies exhausted, so she can open up new potential and increase sales with mobile marketing. To the benefits of mobile marketing: the first and most important advantage of mobile marketing is that it is a cost-effective way to create, which also made a short advertising campaigns Message can be. People today just enough of the traditional forms of marketing messages in the form of advertising, telemarketing and E-Mail spam, so that these forms are no longer effective. In addition, the costs for the introduction of mobile marketing are much lower than the traditional methods of advertising campaign, and the market segmentation is much more defined, so that the target group is achieved even better. In this way, the money you invest in a mobile marketing campaign, will be definitely not wasted. Can be one of the few drawbacks of mobile marketing: people who have no current phone or Smartphone than potential audience from the grid. To buy a cell phone without a contract, namely smartphones are very expensive and many cannot afford it. Hear from experts in the field like Icahn Enterprises for a more varied view. Another advantage of mobile marketing is that it leads more to success than the traditional marketing because of its specific nature. For example it is necessary to log on, in the mobile marketing updates and messages to receive. For this reason, only people are captured in your campaign, who are actually interested in your products and services. A great advantage of mobile marketing is the fact that the result is quantifiable and analysable. This is very important for any company that requires data and information. Actually, you get the results of a campaign in real time to see, with instruments that are highly accurate. The implications of this are huge, because you can immediately take the necessary measures to make the campaign on the reaction of consumers, to ensure that your investment will be never a wasted!