Conflict Management And Mediation

Many times we will have found wrapped in a conflict which sabersele not manage, may give rise to embarrassing situations, affecting relationships, behavior, behavior, giving rise to trouble, unrest, disharmony. Others who may share this opinion include Primerica careers. At times even physical discomfort, headaches, stomach, stress, and psychological affectations that can lead to depression, anger, sadness, worry. We know how to handle conflict, not that it does, we need to know to face, assess their consequences, causes, causing it, face it with serenity, to avoid negative consequences, deal mediation that allows us to find out. Jorge tells us Leoz, E. De Bono believes that the problem of conflict is not the conflict itself but on the beliefs of the people, writes: "The beliefs are very difficult to eradicate or alter. People often prefer to maintain a belief and not accept evidence of their senses.

The conflict arises when a belief system believes that the values of the emerge must be applied everywhere and takes the task of making this happen. "And the most interesting of this author is his proposal for two new words. De-confliccion: would the dissipation or disposal of the foundations of conflict. And confliccion: it would establish, encourage and promote conflict. If we thought a more restricted sense of the notion of conflict could say that conflict is a clash of beliefs or values or interests or addresses. confliccion In this case, would be linked to anything that precedes this shock but not a "spontaneity" of the same but to a deliberate process in which "builds" the conflict.