Cable Management

After fixing the powder track cables sand or melkoyzemley a minimum thickness of 100mm, laying bricks (slabs) or signalno-predupreditelnoy tape of the construction and wiring organizations together with representatives of the district iss is drawn the hidden work, which is an official document authorizing the backfilling with soil. Filling lines without this document is prohibited. Filling lines produced immediately after the signing of the act. Final backfilling of trenches and pits should be performed after installation of couplings and tests of high voltage cable lines. Prohibited backfilling with soil containing rocks, metal waste, etc. Requirements to the cables in buildings.

When accepting the cables in buildings, it is necessary to pay attention to the following requirements: cables on the shelf or asbestos partitions, as well as in the pipes should be placed without tension, cables, laid horizontally on metal structures shall be fixed directly at the terminations, cornering lines with both sides of the bends, the couplings on both parties and every 10m., "with a vertical cabling should be secured to each cable design. Distances between structures must be indicated in the draft, the hard-ground mounting unarmored cables with lead or aluminum sheath on the building should be laid strips of elastic material (sheet rubber, pvc plate), armored cable and soft-skinned cables plastic cover or plastic hose may be fastened to structures without the pads. Cable Management should be made of angled steel shelf width of 50 mm mounted on a rack bolts M 10 with heavy washer or plate 20x20x4 stump and painted black.