Business Navigator

Not so long ago, a new information resource Business Navigator, which covers commercial and industrial activities of companies in Russia. In fact, the resource is a comprehensive business directory of enterprises, where enterprises of Russia placed detailed information on products and services. When you and I are looking for suppliers, the greater priority is given to the most recent and therefore relevant proposals on cooperation. Based on this point, developers and creators of the resource offered an interesting, and most importantly efficient service "Business Partner", which allows you to search partners and vendors, spending no more than 10 minutes of your precious time. It is also noteworthy that this service is provided free of charge to all users. Variety of headings on branches allows you to search partners and suppliers in various sectors of the economy. Also, users have the opportunity to select the region offers to send requests for individual regions of Russia.

For someone important? On the one hand the answer is simple to complete online commercial and industrial enterprises in goods, raw materials, equipment, etc. But there is another important point. Such a service in demand among companies who are interested in getting new, targeted customers. Simply sign up and receive the application system from the consumer. Looking for suppliers or how it happens. The procedure for sending requests is simple, it is much more complicated device, but first things first.

To begin with, that the process is fully controlled by a moderator and not a request is sent without approval. This measure allows to prevent the mailing of advertising, which generally are not desirable post. All the information base consists of companies that have passed registration procedure and contains all the contact information, including a public e-mail. Moving user to the system occurs after registration / login on the server and selecting the relevant section in the menu of personal cabinet. The section provides for viewing of all sent by the user requests to display the status of the request. Button "Add" creates a new request, which must fill the field "Subject", 'Full' request (the user must clearly articulate their request), 'Position' responsible person; 'name'. Next, you must select a U.S. state that is most relevant to your query, if the region is not important; select 'All' (in the second case, the request will go to all regions of Russia). Select the most important for you to headings on the subject of the request. The system automatically will be set your signature (information is taken from user registration data and populate the fields above). It is important that the letter of inquiry be formed to each recipient individually, and is addressed to a specific person, as if you sent yourself and one by one. After selecting "Save" button to send the request to the moderator. During the day the request is checked against the employee share rules and the appointment system and then made one of three decisions: 1. Distribute 2. Hear other arguments on the topic with Primerica careers. Send to revision 3. Remove. Status query is displayed in the relevant section of your personal account. After sending a query about the needs of businesses for a day learn thousands of companies in various regions of Russia. System 'Business Partner' account of the interests of both parties, members of trade relations, which makes it a valuable and marketable. We wish you a new and reliable partners and suppliers.