Building Society Savings

Dispo mXX is a savings offer of the Postbank group, which is marketed under the BHW brand. The BHW dispo mXX BHW Bank offers according to own a return chance of up to 4 percent. In addition, Government subsidies such as the employee savings bonus or capital services (VL) can be taken. Product dispo mXX BHW aimed Bank both home savings customers who are on the lookout for attractive interest rates, and customers who are looking for a loan financing and place value on fixed interest rates. Depending on the requirement, the BHW dispo mXX thus offers the corresponding options. The following offer should be seen closer by page of saver, as well as from the side of the lender. Dispo mXX will be bidding a total interest rate of up to 4%, with this interest rate in 2009 at 3% and according to the provider during runtime in a margin of 2.5 to 4% moves, depending on the development of the capital market as home savings offer.

A term of 7 years and a waiver of loans are provided. Still customers BHW benefit Bank of 2009 even flow rates, can that according to the provider on up to 470,-amount to collect benefits. Arbeitnehmersparzulage and housing premium can be added depending on the respective income situation. Dispo mXX as construction financing offer is offer with relatively low interest rates from the current 1.9% nominal (2.07% effective) advertised, where it available the customer according to provider, to select the interest rate itself, which depends on other factors such as savings and deposit amount. The level of the interest rate remains constant over the entire period, which affect in favor of planning certainty on the part of the customer.

The repayment can be made flexible, complete or in instalments. Summary total provides the dispo mXX customers a high degree of flexibility through attractive offers for customers, as well as online. On the side of the provider the opportunity the customer the calculate and compare various variants by means of online advice tool. While all the factors of the deposit amount to the promotion, are recorded and presented to the customer in the form of the optimal method. The contract is then also possible.