Big City Business

From childhood I loved to watch at five that afternoon magnificent view, the ostensible stunning panorama offered by the crowd of workers leaving hundreds of thousands from the factories, with their bags and bicycles. I have a patent remember, of course, is something I am very engraving. I liked seeing the smiling faces of so many people happy and cheerful appearance. And the same number of workers returning to their homes. Probably tired from the work done, but warned the satisfaction of fulfilling a task, keep his job and his house to lift a little (to grow). Thus were formed the contours suburban environments, the suburbs. This was continuous and repetitive over time the creation of these districts were giving him face to the big cities you see today. People were happy, only to have work, which is the same as saying, take chances.

There is nothing more frustrating for a parent who can not take home food for his family. There is no worse punishment for a person who wishes to develop and grow, to deny the possibility of working. Today elapsed, a short time, everywhere we see many farms, warehouses and large industries fully dismantled, abandoned, destroyed, devastated. In ruins. I have torn up the soul. Some work large supermarkets and many other giants became torn down, destroyed, the spoils of a time living and fervent activity and growth. Today they are silent witnesses, inert. Milestones of a recent time that seems distant and no doubt will take decades to recover.