Art Management Feelings

Studying the psychology of relationships, I have concluded that people in solving problems relating to love, in most cases are superficial and are trying to change only a consequence of the problem, while completely failing to understand the reasons occurrence of these same problems in their relationships with the opposite sex. And it was the understanding of the causes gives us the opportunity to manage a consequence, not vice versa. The same concerns and problems on the love front, you have an understanding of the causes feelings of love gives us a certain power over that feeling and you can control it, cause feelings of love on purpose. All processes in our world, naturally, everywhere there is a causal connection. Nothing happens just like that, there is a reason that the earth revolves around the sun, similarly there is a reason and the fact that one man fell in love with another, or out of love. In your power to create such a cause by which a person love you, if you learn to understand and manage the processes of causality in the relationship. World - it's not chaos, everywhere and in everything there is a reason, chaos is present only in our minds when we are something we do not understand.

Certainly, man can not understand the many mysteries of nature, and do not need enough to understand and a small part of them to use knowledge for their own benefit. Psychology of excellent science, but it does not understand the feelings of love and causes. It will help us to esoteric knowledge, which complement this picture, pointing to the source of our feelings, techniques for their development and management. These combined skills will help you learn not only to understand many causes of feelings of love and other strong emotions, but also learn the art of management, that is cause feelings intentionally. Understanding the nature of the feelings and principles of management, you will be able to correctly choose and effectively use a variety of psychological techniques.

The more will hone their skills in managing emotions, the easier and faster you'll be getting. You do not have to pretend to play the role and cheat game feels quite natural, since most are doing it unconsciously every day. Of course those who have more awareness, makes it much more skilful. Man lives in the present only when feelings: love, joy, happiness, bliss, etc. We are all one way or another throughout their lives are in search of the senses, and in particular we are interested in love, because without it we do not live for real, and exist, is simply meaningless to fade. To feel life, people not only love but also sometimes engaged in extreme sports, quarrel, make peace, singing on stage, doing everything that touches them for a living. We are alive just enough to feel the life in this most moment ... Love - a feeling, and if you want to understand love and intentionally induce feelings of love for other people, you will need to learn to understand the language of feeling and use it, then you will be able to refer directly to the senses man, "touch a nerve .... Read more on the site