Air Conditioning

Effective removal of dust - When the air conditioner for cooling or heating the partially open throttle increase airflow through a filter that provides a higher degree of air purification from dust and impurities. Compared with air conditioning, using conventional electrostatic method, the rate of removal of dust particles is increased by 40%. powerful clean air - When the front and top flaps are closed, the flow of air completely passes through a plasma filter, which provides the highest efficiency air purification. In this case, the rate of treatment increased by 20%. In addition, the air conditioner is equipped with double filter against bacteria, one of whom was treated substance derived from the Japanese horseradish 'Wasabi', known for its antibacterial properties. One of the filters is able to capture the smallest dust, pollen, tobacco smoke and other tiny particles down to 0.01 um. high capacity drained - Open the top flap direct air flow to the cold part at low speed, which prevents its excessive cooling and significantly improves drainage and clean air. Compared with existing models the rate of drying increases by 60%.

high power and speed - With a powerful diffuser air flow rate increases by 20%. It achieves given values of room temperature in a shorter time. timer night mode - Built-in microprocessor automatically produces a gradual change in room temperature, providing comfortable for sleeping. When the time set the air conditioner automatically turns off. Heating systems - heating system, which works on the principle of heat pump takes heat from the environment. As a result, comfortable indoor climate is achieved safer, environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner than using an electric heater. auto select - Air Conditioning will automatically switch from heating mode to mode cooling and vice versa depending on the set on the remote temperature and room temperature. - In the event of a malfunction of the air conditioner automatically runs self-diagnostic function of the whole air-conditioning system of your premises to detect failures and malfunctions in the air conditioner.