Again Special

- The devil! - Again, he thought, unable to tear my eyes away from self-scrutiny. Shiver ran around again body. He again felt completely from head goes off into the deep, sticky abyss from which to go, it seemed, was no longer able to. A strange awareness of unreality, temporal chaos frightened him. Finally, go to the self, attendant began to speak haltingly and quickly, trying not to look more into her eyes. - You know, it's nice to see a beautiful woman, but even nicer to talk to her about it.

- Your view is fascinating, captivating and frustrating at the same time. In soul is something special. Rising cocoa is an exciting wave of fully exciting. You go into a special, surreal world where time stretches and contracts at the same time, where everything happens to you, and not with you. It seems to be from the outside.

- A truly beautiful little women! - He went on excitedly. - They are extremely small, but they are always visible, and from them comes something that can not be overlooked, for it is impossible not to pay attention, but can not be explained. Something's going on in my head turned a key and then do with myself can not. - You will not believe it, but I was horrified, not so long ago realized the whole thing. This is the World. Since the dawn of the Age of the men liked the beautiful women and nothing can be done about it.