3. Maria Da Vinci Festival On August 5, 2011

The musical summer event of the year in this year is the 3rd Festival, which initiates Maria da Vinci under their own name. 2007 and 2009 these events successfully ran across the stage. The singer, who has skillfully the tightrope walk between the folksy Schlager and dominated the pop hits, is invited this year again prominent musical guests: Calimeros: you are the most successful Swiss pop band of all time. It says so on their website. The band holds over thirty years at the Swiss Schlager top. Her hit "You are so beautiful like the stars" has in the Switzerland of absolute cult status. Many groups in the country and abroad to play the title, and he became the epitome of the Calimeros throughout German-speaking Europe. : Silke Dirk Spielberg hard work and perseverance is lined and The musical career of the pop vocal duo.

As a result, both on numerous TV, radio and live performances at home and abroad can look back. These successes have not materialized but overnight. Continue to learn more with: Primerica reviews. Silke and Dirk Spielberg rose purposefully up the career ladder of the German Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt. Amigos: The ECHO-winner of 2011 have become an institution in the pop business. The two German musician stand for more than 40 years on the stage and made at a time when in the mainly English-language music was announced, not by the way dissuade and insisted on the German Schlager. Kevin Pabst: He is the shooting star among the German trumpet soloists who "Jugend musiziert" won the first prize at the age of twelve years at the German music Council regional competition for trumpet and flugelhorn. Lots of charm and a powerful talent are just a few of the voices of critics. The promising young talent Simon rounds with his skills on the harmonica the 3rd Maria da Vinci Festival off. Information about the Maria da Vinci Festival: event date: August 05, 2011 venue: 8223 Padova/Schaffhausen - Switzerland location: festival grounds In the Festival tent at the Huebpundweg inlet: 00 18:15 start: 20:05 Tickets also available on: (text: Roland Rube & Ariane Kranz @) press contact: Ariane Kranz audioway MUSIC & MEDIA mailbox 620452 10794 Berlin Germany + 49 (0) 30 80205848