Technological Development

This work was divided in 5 chapters. In this chapter the technological development in Brazil was presented briefly, the birth and the profile of the company, its situation problem and the objective of the study. In Chapter II, the birth of the technology of the information in Brazil and the World and until the arrival described the management of the knowledge. In Chapter III, the concepts of the MPS.BR had been boarded, a program of improvements of the process of software development, aiming at the excellency. In Chapter IV, some suggestions of techniques for the application of a new culture based on the MPS.BR are presented having aimed at to diminish the impact in the team that will make the implantation. In Chapter V, one exposes the final, pertinent consideraes to the results that expect to reach: the excellency.

Electronic Handbook

Aiming at the improvement of the public services of health, some Brazilian States, that faced similar problem, they had implanted Electronic Handbook systems of the Patient, who is a modern tool of work that by means of the diverse existing technological resources allows that the professionals of the health area and the patients, in the speed of some clicks, have access to all referring the personal and administrative information to the atendimentos and treatments carried through for and for this white public. Such resources have the potential to shorten the period of wait considerably, promoting, amongst other conquests, the more necessary disgnostic elaboration, resulting, in bigger satisfaction of the yearnings of the society in what it refers to the public health. Literature sample that the Electronic Handbook of the Patient can be defined as a clinical and administrative register informatizado of the health and illness of the patient since its birth until its death, inside of an used system to support the users, disponibilizando access to a complete correct data set, you alert and systems of support to the decision. It must contain information as: personal datas, familiar description, previous illnesses, habits of life, allergies, immunizations, medicines that use makes, amongst others. (COAST, 2001; MASSAD, 2003; IOM, 1997; SANTIAGO, 04/08/04). Still, valley to stand out that the managers, through the PEP, can know the costs, profits and damages occurred inside of determined period of time, placed material and human resources, as well as using it to make forecasts of investments the medium and long run. (SALVADOR V.F.M., SON F.G.V.

Research Literature

You this end, based on research literature, provides adds approaches relevant you the topic, such the historical a brief overview on it in education in Brazil, the constant challenge in to teacher education, the need of to computer uses in education, the indispensable resource of information and education the major instrument in the construction of knowledge, the Internet, the main focus of this study. Idea All these points considered ultimately reinforce that significant changes must occur in the form of teaching and learning, because if the world evolves, all segments that ploughs part of it should aim you change well, only that improvements in all sectors of society happen. This followed the analysis of the results of field research and final thoughts on the subject. KEY WORDS: Internet. Education.

Changes. 1. INTRODUCTION the Internet, world-wide net of computers, became an indispensable source of information for the diverse existing fields of the knowledge. This because it today represents an extraordinary quantity of data that is placed to the disposal of all the interested parties, and that it can be had access by these with extreme easiness, thanks to the sophistication of the new technologies in the entire world. The phenomenon of the globalization brings obtains the necessity of transmission of information in fast way and always brought up to date. Being thus, use of the computer if became essential in a global perspective.

Federal University

Computer science for blind people and with low vision the appropriation of technological resources for the pupils who possess visual deficiency means a great change in its styles of life, the interactions, the participation in society to innovating habits and attitudes in relation to the education, the leisure, the work, the familiar and communitarian life. In this perspective, programs of readers of screen with voice synthesis exist, conceived for blind users, who make possible the navigation in the Internet, the use of the e-mail, the processing of texts, operated spread sheets and a infinity of applicatory by means of keyboard commands that they excuse the use of mouse. It more enters the known programs and spread out in Brazil, we detach: Operational system developed by the Nucleus of Electronic Computation of the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro, gotten gratuitously by means of ' ' download' '. VIRTUAL VISION? Brazilian software developed by the Micropower, in Is Pablo, conceived to operate with utilitarian and the tools of the Windows environment. He is compatible with Windows 95, 98 and ME. Distributed gratuitously for the Bradesco Foundation and Real Bank. JAWS? software developed in the United States. It possesss an ample gamma of resources and tools, he is most complete.

In Brazil, it does not have possibility of gratuitous distribution which had the high cost. It is compatible with the systems Windows NT 4,0, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 98 and 95. As main functions, we can detach: it works with applicatory of all the Microsoft line; it reads in high voice screen elements as menus, boxes of dialogue; he reads pages of the Internet as if the user was in a publisher of texts; he works in eight different languages; among others functions. They exist, still, other tools that make possible the book production in digital format, in audio and in Braille.

Systems Legacies

For Jose Miranda* Luiz Somebody already passed for experinciade to try to give broken in an car the alcohol, of those ' ' version 0.1' ' , gasoline comcarburador, afogador and bomblet auxiliary, then per the cold morning in one diade? It can be conserved of the automobiles - rarity -, mesmoassim will demand more effort, will spend a little more than time, patience and decombustvel that a zero kilometer, flex, with electronic injection, divided system the cold and edge computer. Of the one not to deny that the old car I fear its charm. We are accustomed and, although it to spend very and to have ' ' some probleminhas' ' , until we like it. But it will be that of the one to trust fazeruma trip They are Pablo-$fortaleza with it? To keep systems legacies brings similar umadinmica. They are steady systems, already they are customizados, but they nooferecem the best performance nor possess compatibility with others aplicaesdentro of the company. ing/'>ARC Investment Partners, offer their opinions as well. They demand a great capacity of processing, we geramaltssimos costs of maintenance, beyond not guaranteeing the trustworthiness edisponibilidade of the information. still has the concern with ainteroperabilidade, that is, the integration of the systems legacies with novassolues. A data-collecting of the market indicates that Brazil today has maisde a billion of lines of code of systems outdated legacies, distributed in a universe of empresasprivadas thousands of and public agencies, in the most different platforms. Then it is the doubt: for quemanter systems legacies if exists innumerable available new applications nomercado, or still it is possible to develop solutions customizadas for cadanecessidade? The reply engloba colon main: cost and time.

Supply Chain Managment

For the transport, all referring data the transporters, vehicles and customers also were stored in these fiches, the emissions of documents of any nature were made in typewriters or the hand, process this that, beyond being slow, was not safe. However, according to? Brien (2003), with the advent of techniques of technology of information (YOU) in the companies, the related processes they, also in the area of logistic, total had been modified and automatized. Later, the concept appeared of Material Requirements Planning (MRP), which can be defined as one ' ' technique that allows to determine the necessities of purchases of the materials that will be used in the manufacture of certain produto' ' (MARTINS & ALT, 2002,97). Martins and Alt (2002) also detach the start of the use of the technology to assist in the control of the MRP. From the decade of 80, the logistic one passed to be stimulated by the globalization, in which the companies had started to compete in world-wide scale. The MRP evolved for the Supply Chain Managment (SCM), ' ' administrative concept that integrates the management of the chain of suprimentos' ' (? BRIEN, 2003,198), through the use of YOU to manage the logistic one in a more efficient way. For Aiming (2004), the introduction of the SCM brought a new impulse the logistic one, therefore it left of being treated as a sector the part, and started to work integrated with all the sectors of a company.


That to receiver would not see the constructor ComputeEngine, its main method, or its implementation of any methods of java.lang. Object. In the parameters and return values of remote method invocations, objects that ploughs not remote objects ploughs passed by value. Thus, copyof the object is created in the receiving virtual Java machine. Anychanges you the object' s state by to receiver ploughs reflected only in thereceiver' s CoPy, not in the sender' original s instance. Any changes tothe object' s state by to sender ploughs reflected only in the sender' soriginal instance, not in the receiver' s CoPy. Implementing the Server' s main Method The most complex method of the ComputeEngine implementation is the main method. The main method is used you start the ComputeEngineand therefore needs you of the necessary initialization and housekeepingto prepares the server you accept calls from clients.

Strategy Of Digital Marketing

The results of any advertising campaign will be proportional to the time invested in the elaboration of its strategy. Many times a failure gotten with the use of tools of digital marketing is observed, but when it is gone deep the analysis perceives that a previous stage of planning was not made. The Strategies of Digital Marketing if have shown efficient in many businesses, as much for that total on-line, as for that if they use of multiple platforms of attendance, crossing the physical retail with the virtual store. What it is important to notice is that it has different strategies that they can be applied to each business. It has cases where the Internet collaborates in the clarification of doubts in the stage daily pay-sales, as in the case of automobiles, where almost 80% of the purchases pass before for web, but many of them they are closed in the concessionaires, where the customer arrives more definite on what she desires and this speeds up the attendance process. The same it comes being occurring with the household-electric ones. Another example is when the business is related to the education, in this in case that, it is well probable that the investments in web already are equalized to the investments off-line, this because in this segment, web is an excellent canal to attract the public-target, to clarify doubts and already to direct it for the field of registrations of the courses. But, to get these good results it is necessary to inside test canals specific of the vestibules and to establish a strategy of relationship with prospect, that it can involve mobile marketing, sending of email marketing with link to take off of doubts, etc.

Email Marketing

Many are speaking of these powerful tools that the email marketing, but I perceive that many people still are with a certain distrust for not understanding as this most important tool functions and, for not yet having enxergado the power that the email elaborates well has. She knows that the email marketing can convert many sales easily, is most likely that a customer buys its product or direct service of an email marketing of what direct in its blog or page of sales. The POWER OF the email MARKETING We who we work with Internet marketing know that 90% of our customers and partners do not go to buy our products and services and even though to enter in our chance of marketing of net of first. I say (when they visit ours for the first time site/blog). This happen due to the fear, diffidence for not knowing we (owners of the blog/site) and therefore are with distrust to buy something of that they do not know. But the email points among others positive marketing, serves to bring the prospect (customer) stops close to us, knowing our work, ours trajectory inside of the determined niche of the most important market and. Receiving offered content of quality gratuitously. This is the strategy that must be for brings of the email marketing.

Marketing Money

Another day, I was reading some details of the life of Miguel de Cervantes, author of the workmanship cousin Dom Quixote. If he is if asking what this workmanship has to see with net marketing, probably must not have read this magnificent book. The history of the beloved Dom Quixote has a direct bonding with the great professionals of the net marketing, exactly the people who more gain money in this modality of business. As well as the protagonist of the book, all the professionals of net marketing are a little wild, but extremely courageous! If you not yet know the net marketing, you are losing one of the best chances of you to gain money working in a business its, making its proper schedules, being able to enjoy of a wonderful style of life. To know the company that I represent in the net marketing and as it functions, click HERE.

One of the phrases of Cervantes that I read was this: & ldquo; It never is begging for what you have the power of obter.& rdquo; Uau! This phrase really gave one click in my head. In the same one hour, I related this thought to the great number of people who start some business of net marketing, but do not obtain to gain money. These people do not perceive that it is necessary devotion, courage, discipline and a certain degree of ' loucura' so that they start to gain money with net marketing, because the people who really gain money are those that swim against the rapids of the life, break the standards, go against the system tax for the society. These people had understood that this history of you to study done an insane person during twenty years of its life and to work for other people per more twenty or thirty years is one of biggest invented madnesses already.

Yahoo Marketing

The search marketing is the use of the sites of search to promote its company, business, product through its good positioning in the pages of results. The search in these sites as the Google, Yahoo, Bing, starts with a word/phrase key. If its site well will be located, in the first positions of the results of this search, this increases and its possibility very to have its reached objective. It notices that when somebody is looking something in the Internet, one them first things that it makes is to look for in the sites of search. moreover, the person is that it is interested. You do not need to push nothing.

He is a highly qualified public! He is enough that finds it you in this multitude of sites. Pra this exists the otimizao of sites in the search marketing. The search marketing is the beginning of the relationship with a possible customer, would say that customer almost. It speaks with me and it knows


The search of an increase of the number of customers for the company, either this physics either online, must answer the different strategies that will on the basis of generate the necessary definition of which are target, that is, the profile of the public to be taken care of by its business. That is, previously to the execution of any plan of tending action to reach better indices of sales, it is essential to consider which is the definition of our ideal hearing. This will determine the form where it will be treated to arrive at this specific public, and the strategies that will be adopted in its captation. This would have to be the first step in any campaign of marketing that the company undertakes. Gradually the users are using different tools at the moment to look to information on services and products. Traditionally the first step always was a search in the Google. However the social nets had come to consider a different reality, extending the specter of information sources that the consumers will take as valid to the moment to decide the purchase, being a current element in the behavior of purchase of the customer.

Displayed in another way, they will not only look to the information in the Google seno that will confer with its community of contacts and friends, basically through the social nets, the groups of quarrel, the forums of users. It is common, then, that if somebody desires to prove a new product of which does not have knowledge one of the actions that it will take will be to visit the forums of users to see what other consumers think of the product. It is very probable for another part, that confers its group of friends for the experience whom they had had and the results obtained with the product. This type of user is sufficient far from the marketing plans online that the majority of web marketers uses, for which, those puts that them in practical enjoys of an enormous advantage on its competitors.

DigitalVamos Marketing

Why to adopt the digital marketing as part key in the marketing campaign? We go to the facts. Digital Ouniverso is gaining each time more force and the trend is to decontinuar growing for much time, statistical speaking. Issoabre a great public emdiversos companies to divulge its product/service formats, as: - email material marketing in videos blogs- sites- images texts smsEntre many others Ok, already I know. Until it does not have no newness here! Agorao that much people do not know is the way to obtain success napromoo of its type of business and to take to the public the desired material. Frequent errors of the DigitalVamos Marketing to speak of the current Pop Star, it, nothing less of what the Twitter.Agrande majority of the companies and people here in Brazil, forambombardeadas for substances, articles and notice on the Twitter with sualegio of followers and importance. What I see for there, they are empresasque use twitter, but they do not know to transform it into traffic to paraanunciar its product/service. They follow some tips of as utilizarmelhor the Twitter as tool of support to the digital marketing.

Marketing Principles

MARKETING PRINCIPLES You have that to think as she will commercialize its products or services. Service is not enough to only have a good product/. One remembers the last time that bought a periodical, a wallet of cigarettes or made a fast snack. Why it bought, specifically, this product/service? It was in the certain PLACE for you; It was back in the ALIAS PROCESS for you; It was to a certain PRICE for you; It was the certain PRODUTO/SERVIO for you and you WISE PERSON who it was there! He now thinks about the product or service that its business offers or that it plans to offer. It will be appropriate for its customers as well as, its last purchase was appropriate for you? Some entrepreneurs imagine that the product/service and its price are everything that interests! How you will inform to the people on its business? How much you can invest in Advertising? Where its probable customers if inform on the supplying sources for what they buy? They read periodicals, magazines, see TV, have access the Internet or listen to radio? They are knowing of products and services through friends and neighbors, or them they see in the establishments when pass? When (days and schedules) its probable customers prefer to make purchases? You will be able to take care of them in these days and schedules? Its customers will come until its business to buy of you? In case that negative, that ' ' canais' ' you will use for atingiz them? The wholesalers, peddlers, representatives, its proper salesmen, or what? How much he will cost to carry its merchandises until where are the people who will go to buy them? to pay the people who, effectively, make the sales (such as, wages, and/or allowance for expenses, commissions, etc)? You already included these costs in its price? What its customers think of you and of its salesmen (case its business is retail)? The customers trust and believe them?

Marketing Strategy

With the increase of the demand of professionals and companies in diverse niches of market the strategies to attract new customers finish for not giving many results for the simple fact of more companies to be offering same (or seemed) to the products or chances for a number each lesser time of customers, had the competition. In this case the marketing appears to give a new differential and strategy to you to attract new customers and is this that I will go to show you. WHAT the professional IS the MARKETING who uses the marketing as strategy she is capable to understand, to create and to offer what the necessary customer that is, knows to identify the necessities of the customers, to know the frustrations and to offer the benefits (products or services). Many professionals do not know as to use this tool and they do not know the power of the marketing. The USE OF the INTERNET With the advance of the Internet many people leave to appeal to the professionals (counting, administrators, consultants and others) in search of information or services and finish finding these information in Internet, making it difficult still more the search of people for specialized jobs and this has taken many professionals to lose space and credibility in the market. Strategies of marketing will be basic to follow with the wallet of customers and even though to increase the number of search for the services of the professional.

Wedding Accessories

Choosing a wedding dress, you must immediately think about the veil. After all, the veil gives the bride a special charm and mystery. A white veil has always been considered a symbol of modesty and purity. Fatah is much more ancient symbol, rather than the bride's dress. In ancient Greece, the veil was yellow, and in ancient Rome - red. But remained unchanged its length - from head to toe, as a symbol of complete submission to men. Dense veil hid the bride from prying eyes and solemnly acted after the marriage ceremony. This meant a transition under the authority of the bride's husband.

If the bride's veil she threw, then, she has demonstrated the desire to be with her husband on equal terms. However, in Currently, the veil is not compulsory membership of a wedding band, it can be replaced by artificial or natural flowers, barrettes, ribbons, beads. It depends on the hair, oval face and your imagination. Today's fashion offers veils of various lengths and a variety of shapes. Popular model - the wedding veil with a train and the lush multi-layered veil.

Accessories For Wedding Dresses

In the bride's attire every nuance, almost imperceptible details of paramount importance, and the selection of accessories, harmoniously final image of the beautiful bride, as important as ever. Wedding accessories are able to successfully complete wedding dress, and they are essential in building your image. Well-chosen accessories can shift the focus so that completely transform and change the impression from your chosen wedding dress. Any bride can easily follow the newfangled trends, wedding accessories will take advantage if, as the options of accessories is constantly changing, as opposed to fashion a wedding dress that can persist for a long time the main trend. Therefore, we should not underestimate the value of wedding accessories, because they are functionally useful and make your image complete and harmonious, emphasizing the advantages and disadvantages of hiding. Playing a combination of gloves with a veil, bag with the shoes you do not run the risk of repetition, and in any case will look original. It is thanks to the wedding accessories, you can create your own style to reflect your personality and give your character. Therefore, for the successful selection of accessories, sometimes need a lot more time than searching for wedding dresses.

After all, you can also sew a wedding dress custom made for your size. To be important wedding enhancements, without which manages a rare bride include shoes, gloves, handbag and veil. Of course, all these bridal accessories should be combined with each other and with the dress, but not necessarily, and sometimes unlikely that they were the same color with the dress. Wedding accessories are easy to fall in tone. We single out the main points to consider when buying wedding accessories to wedding dress. 1.

How To Choose Seeds

Please read those seeds that you already have - most likely something from last season left. Make sure that the shelf life of seeds has not yet expired, if it is not specified or over - better throw out the seeds. Of course, they can and germinate, but in this situation, the risk is not justified - in fact because of this you can skip the optimum time of landing. The seeds are packaged in a foil bag can maintain its viability beyond the period specified in package. But after opening the foil protection is lost. So be careful - the expiry date indicated on the package, can only refer to a sealed sachet.

And if you opened it yet when planting in last year - it could be reduced by half. Just as important to calculate how much seed you need - draw a plan of your garden plot together with the beds. Estimate the landing area. Determine how many seeds, and what kind you need. You can save and use the contents of the packages with shifts along with their neighbors.


How can I do without washing machine (you can wash clothes in the bathroom, or deposit into the laundry room), refrigerator (for products purchased at a minimum, the benefit in stores now, no waiting), cleaner (knock out the dust and dirt on the streets of carpets and carpet tracks) plates (to prepare for Primus). Is it worth it to bring our life to the stone age? Why do we make extensive use of various appliances, and quite expensive, and have the dishwasher is considered a luxury? Why do we have to wash the dishes only do many times a day - many days and for many years and did not make it a tedious process in the dishwasher? The seemingly trifling occupation leave irreplaceable years of our lives. In a family of four dishwasher saves a year over 200 hours compared to manual cleaning. Arguments and figures if you do not 'put on the counter' water consumption, it is nice to know that a dishwasher you will save about 7,800 liters of water per year. When washing dishes by hand you will never reach such a radiant purity and high levels of hygiene, which provides a dishwasher.

Washer-up occurs at 70 C or economical temperature of 55 C. If wash dishes at a temperature, his hands, then you can simply scald! Sung by poets woman's hands Even the advertised facilities for hand washing, bereguschih skin, all of 'solicitude' is only to prevent too much harm hands. Even just from frequent, many times a day, contact with water, your hands are affected.

Web Content

Most often, the content is a better offer in the form of written articles, tips and facts on your topic. If you create your own content, make sure that the information is accurate, interesting and somewhat unique, ie it should be different from other web sites. Always do a double check spelling, grammar and punctuation. If you believe that your content is not yet holograph corresponds to the desired level, then you can buy content from professional copywriters. You can also search the Internet for free content, which is spread mainly by amateur copywriters. Tip number three is sometimes and so that the difference between good and bad site designed just how streamlined its structure.

It should lay out page elements on the sections are clearly defined and easily determined by the user, rather than a 'weave into a ball' all together. Use a simple background with contrasting text which is easy to read. Try variations with different font sizes. Use bold, underline, or italics for titles, headings and subheadings. To the content of your site easy to read, avoid various sizes and font types in the same article, note, etc.

Personal Web Design

The easiest option for creating websites - this is to use a special online designer to create a personal website, which has all the classic topics: web-page, forum, chat, image gallery, a directory of files etc. In runet there are both paid and free services such. From the toll is worth noting builders site (otherwise you may call CMS - content management system) OnSite and Saytodrom, and of free and MyLivePage Ucoz. Paid considered in this article will not, it is until you need it. But for free is a bit stop.

MyLivePage MyLivePagev largely designed to create personal pages with telyu dating and creating their own communities. Its easy to master, has enough great features, but the page is too much advertising. But no one stops to buy off on it by sending an SMS. Core modules MyLivePage: Diary Photo Album Video Music Files Links Pages Forum Polls Community Chat Messenger Tags Search Ucoz perfect for creating a site pfaktichesky of any complexity. Core modules Ucoz: Blogs (blog) Photo Albums Guestbook Catalog Articles Shoutbox News Site Statistics File Catalog links / articles Announcements Polls FAQ E-mail form so, as they make a site. Quite simply register at any of these services, and then, believe me, you will understand how to make your site easy blogodorya ponel, writing specifically for people 'distant' from the site building. Please select the template (design) site plug-ins needed, or turn off some of the standard. Using the tips you all can easily be obtained, and If you encounter any difficulties advise posett site for new webmasters. On the site you may find some answers to your questions, and not only learn how to make a website with content management system, but how to promote it, because without the movement of your page, nobody knows, except of course your friends. If you zainterosovalis, I wish you every success in the world vebmasteringa.

Web Design

What is the site? Site - this information platform, which, unlike printed materials can change their content, positively influence the perception of the brand, this is an advertising platform, and a variety of services and so on. All this make the professional developers sites, ie web-designers. Website designers should be professionals, or anything except schlock you will not get. And how to select a professional web-designer of the mass of fans? Yes, it was not easy, but you it can do. First, note the amount of work.

The portfolio of professional development sites more than a dozen sites made - there is something to see. It is a site on which there is no question "but where next?", you just get the information you need. Secondly, professional development sites will never be done for pennies. In the field of web-design is defined prices for quality design, layout and programming sites. The cost of developing the site quality of $ 1000. Depending on the task, this amount may be several times higher.

TV Business

An hour here, two hours there, even fifteen minutes, it all adds up, and quickly too. Television is toxic to our self-esteem. In fact, 90% of TV programs are a depressant. This leaves only 10% as a stimulant. With such a high percentage of negativity fueling the majority of this country must carry the television in the fact that the fight against antidepressant use doubles every year. So, if you're wondering why you have low self-esteem, thinking about their television habits. Look how long the snuff industry uses television to convince smoking "Cool." If that does not hit you, we now know that fluoride is a toxic substance that manufacturers could not understand where to dump, so the public believes advertisers, and most of the dental community, which was good for our teeth, especially our children. But the truth is really out, including cancer in children in school lots.

When is enough, except that enough? It is the gullible public? Advertisers yes, and we agree because we keep buying and making behavior. In order to work for advertising, advertisers must create a problem or an objective of a problem. If the problem is not big enough, enlarge it with misleading information to push the problem in our perception. After promoting a solution with a limited perception. These internal messages tell us we need to be dissatisfied with our lives, what we have, and above all our self-esteem with their response. No matter where you are in the social scale, the way ads make us feel that we have not yet arrived.

Knowledge Time

It is this error causes us to lose time searching for what has long been in huge quantities. Even six children, learn to write, he already could tell a lot about life. Writing - not journalism, where accuracy is needed. The powerful tool of the writer - his subconscious mind, intuition. They tell us how to behave this or that hero, that he has to say.

Lyubmoy Online Gifts

Buy flowers?, Buy a toy? or give something else. I guess everyone thought about the question when choosing a gift for a loved one. How to make a pleasant and beloved in that moment when she did not expect. The answer to these questions very simple! Now 21 in the yard, it's the internet age and innovation. Not necessarily go to the store to shop and stand in a boring queue. You can use the services of online stores that offer a wide range of goods and services. A good online store that values its reputation will offer you the freshest product (as most of the online store is in addition to the salon of flowers, gifts and fresh goods are sold there), and service delivery at a specified time just bring a gift, a bouquet to the recipient.

Just past the gift for you can order a card. Postcards can be from the simplest to the hand. It will be a great addition to your gift and leave a long memory of a significant event. Online stores every day are increasingly popular in developed countries, online retailers have long occupied a niche in the world of retail. AND are serious competitors to traditional stores. A low price and delivery make full advantage of the approaches in traditional stores. A flexible system of discounts will save you money.

Send flowers - it's a great opportunity save you time. A huge plus an online store, is able to order from other cities and make a gift to you dear person at a time when it is not who does not wait! A payment order or make a electronic money. Payments you take a few minutes. Save time and money without leaving your home! E-shop - it is cheaper, faster, more modern and convenient!

Furniture Business

Furniture, as a matter of life, human life is always accompanied by - even the Neanderthals were stone chairs. Craftsmanship of furniture is one of the oldest and has been around for millennia. It all began with furniture that was discovered by scientists in ancient Egypt, in the royal burials. And unlike today's life, the furniture was not the usual subject of necessity and emergency luxury, affordable only to the elite. The first furniture which was set up seemed rather stiff, but very functional. Upholstered furniture is that we're used to seeing today, originated in the castles, who loved a luxury, European nobility in the period of classicism in France, in the era of kings! Today we can observe the diversity and richness of style, quality, materials, innovation and price categories, which are extremely well represented at the present furniture market.

Lifestyle changes, and new, previously seemed fantastic, or even funny, kind of furniture. Furniture for audio and video, computer desks, couches, transformers, massage chairs, built-in speakers. Now everyone is guided in choosing furniture and personal taste councils designer, limited only by a sense of proportion and solvency of the purse. Creating furniture has become almost an art that is passed centuries, from generation to generation. As you know, the classics are always relevant in the interior. And in the modern furniture stores you can find a wide selection of furniture, made in a classic, and many other styles, for Your apartment or cottage. The modern customer is given the opportunity to purchase a ready-made kitchen furniture sets, bedroom and other furniture, and buy each item separately, depending on individual tastes and needs.

DMOZ Directories

What role do the directories of sites, directories, articles and message boards for promotion of sites in the Russian segment of the Internet? What are the directories that this bulletin board? This question postraemsya rasmotret details. Thus, Directory of sites - it obschetematichesky collection sites, which separated into categories for easy navigation of the directory itself. But there are also directories of certain subjects (Ie target highly specific, for example, only for construction sites or road, etc.). The site owner who wants to say about your site needs at least a little advertising, so it places the information (records, submission) on its website with a reference to the site. Previously, users who surf the World Wide Web in search of some information is very frequently visited directories of sites in order to find your site to them with the right theme. Thus catalogs were pretty good influx of visitors to sites that are located in these directories. Now the influence of directories on the influx of visitors has dropped to almost zero, for isklyuchenime such directories as Yandex catalog, catalog, DMOZ, and webmasters use different methods to display the site in the top search queries on certain key words, using more targeted ads (contextual ads). 'Some webmasters claim that was abandoned registration in catalogs, directories that this past century, and still use them to promote their sites on bass and midrange needs.


On the hygiene is okay, but this is due to the fact that the buses moved to the back of the market. So, where shuttles sleep, do not quite a familiar situation for the ordinary citizen. While traders and people livable "small" dirt just fine misunderstanding. On the territory there are cafes and restaurants that now occupy the eastern republics of Bachi the former Soviet bloc. Departures are on duty mobile traffic police post, in the range of interests which included an informal inspection of the goods and documents.

Here, however, it is worth noting that cars with Moscow numbers do not "enjoy demand "of the guardians of traffic order. There is one "industry" which appeared in the "Lublin": crime. Targeted as the Chinese wholesalers and shuttles regions. Cases, which everyone knows, a little - administration tries not to advertise such a phenomenon. In the protection of PSA taken, with people from many "Cherkizon." To say that the administration put things in order, it means a little slukavit. Trade in Lublin everything: clothes, shoes, haberdashery, household goods, furniture, electronics and other dribs and drabs.

The Best Period Of 2011 - The Year Of The Cat

The most striking aspect of the year - Pluto is trine to Jupiter, which will come into aspect from about 17 June and will last two months - until August 17. September 16, Jupiter will go retro and aspect occur again and this time will last until the end November. Businessmen pay attention to those periods! It is in times like these are made of state and become millionaires. Many will be able to get rich and be "in the right place at the right time." Important - not providing chances to miss the planets. Jupiter in aspect to Pluto gives a sharp deterioration of social activity. There may be many cases, communication.

Aspects of Pluto have the property to initiate a major, beneficial changes. At this time, you can safely go on adventures, to perform scheduled. Sexual, social, social life becomes more intense and more colorful. Improved financial position, financial situation. It becomes easier to live. Between June and November are also good for weddings and marriage. In the second half of the year Jupiter will move out of Aries into Taurus, which also will bring many opportunities to get rich and find a soul mate. In Unlike Jupiter in Aries, where priority will be ambitions, conflicts and feelings of superiority over others, Jupiter in Taurus strives for the peaceful settlement of conflicts, lasting a stable place in society, much to the comfort and even luxury.


Some people believe that education is overrated, but if you ask those who work in the cafe about education, most of them would like to learn. Why? Because education pays. It will help you find the desired position, and if you are willing to continue their education, then you can get promotions and salary increases. Education is one of the privileges and opportunities of people. Unfortunately, often mothers with children lay a desire to become more educated, because she did not want to sacrifice time with their children. Everyone who works for 40 hours per week will find a million excuses why he can not perform work (kontrolnyya, course project, thesis, dissertation), and most of the excuses are legitimate.

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