Exodus 14 1 - Then the Moiss spoke to you, saying: 2 - It speaks to the children of Israel who come back, and that they camp ahead of Pi-Hairote, between Migdol and the sea, ahead of Baal-Zefom; in front of it you will seat the field next to the sea. 3 - Then Fara will say of the children of Israel: They are embarrassed in the land, locked up them to the desert. 4 - I will harden the heart of Fara, he pursues so that them, and will be glorified in Fara and all its army, and I will know the Egyptians who I am you. they had made thus. 5 - Being, therefore, announced the king of Egypt that the people ran away, the heart was changed of Fara and its servants against the people, and they had said: Why we made this, having left to go Israel, so that she does not serve in them? 6 - prepared its car, and took obtains its people; 7 - took six hundred cars chosen, and all the cars of Egypt, and the captains on them all.

8 - Because he hardened you the heart of Fara, king of Egypt, so that he pursued the children of Israel; however the children of Israel had left with high hand. 9- the Egyptians had pursued them, all the horses and cars of Fara, and its knights and its army, and had reached them camped next to the sea, close to Pi-Hairote, ahead to Baal-Zefom. 10 - approaching Fara, the children of Israel had raised its eyes, and here it is that the Egyptians came behind them, and had feared very; then the children of Israel clamaram the Mr. 11 - had said the Moiss: It did not have tombs in Egypt, stops taking off in them of there, so that let us die in this desert? Why in them you made this, making to leave us Egypt? 12 - The word is not this that we speak to you in Egypt, saying: It leaves us, that let us serve the Egyptians? Therefore that better in the rejection to serve the Egyptians, of what to die in the desert.


They can congregate to be obtained, more ten men of the lineage of the GAL. Towers of Melo, Felix Maier and all the analysts on politicians to the army, to write thousand of lines, dispatch by post evidential documents and nothing of this it will make difference. A word of ' ' father of pobres' ' it will knock down everything in one to blink of eyes and this enlightening weapon will start to shoot fire friend. The hypnosis generated for the easy profit, will not be broken. We are as the legs; we have optimum, but the hen does not speak to the language of the people says to everybody what this making or finished to make, to the shouts. What has left of the people will read what this being written? But what already it has knowledge of the danger and them true intentions of corja.

Much worse is that the house poison this inside, in the nursery and of this if only can wait tragedy. I come putting this in mine blogs and commentaries have four years. The Generals of the EB, soon will be the dribbles that will take the children of the generals of the MST to the school. Accepted of critical, poke of ears or any another thing, but, if it charges not to come back to smoke or the ounce to leave the forest to drink water in plateaus, all sacrifice will have been goes. The native land breathes treason. all are livings creature, knowing and accepting. History will judge!

Clarified Despot

In the Memorial of the Convent of Jose saramago exists diverse and vast personages who form two opposing groups: The aristocracy and the high clergy represent the group of the power, while the people and the oppressed ones represent the group of the against-power. The first ones are lined by the falseness, ridicule, ostentation and indifference for the human suffering or cruelty badly disfarada of religiosidade. Second they are the heroes forgotten for official History, who gain relief and revolt through the fiction of the romance. it underneath appears the bishop of the rich pallium, and later the images in the andores, the regimen interminveld and priests, confrarias and brotherhoods, all to be thought about the salvation of the soul, some vain of whom they had not lost, other doubtful Lisbon smell badly, smell the podrido, the incense of the one felt the fetidez, the evil are of the bodies, that the soul this is perfumed. (SARAMAGO, 1997, P.


How it knows, the two blind people in the search of the blessing, longed for, hardly had been hit by some data of the malignant one! Saying: It does not have skill. However, the faith of them, was alicerada in Christ. not in the onslaught of the enemy. ' ' We can more than get God with only one minute of objective belief of what with a night of clamor.' ' It sees: Then the Moiss said you: Why clamas me? You say the children of Israel who march. you, raise your pole, and extend your hand on the sea, and cleave it, so that the children of Israel pass for the way it sea in dry.

(Former 14:15 - 16) ahead of the chaotic situation, Moises already went to pray, but God said conjunct. Now! Not, he orders the people to march. Epa! To march for where? To commit suicide. Not Moises, has only one minute of faith, that I will act faster, of what if you to pass the entire night clamando me. What you will make Sir? March! That the sea go to confide and you and all people go to pass at least without wetting the feet.

This and the faith, that we are defied to practise, if Moises. It was to pray, the army of Fara would go to apanhar it. with certainty would exterminaria as Jewish people. A disciple asked to its master. Which the difference between faith and conjunct? The master asked for that the disciple was until a small next tree to the two, and cut a twig. The disciple obeyed. - The tree she continues alive? The master asked. - Clearly - the disciple answered, still without understanding. - Please, cut comes back there and of this time its root. - But master, - the disciple inquietou itself - I to become this, the tree I go to die! - Very well, my son.

The Situation

Davi was a imperialista king who expanded its territories, was a governor of the war for the Jewish people (it will be that for it the Jews were more special in relation to the others, as well as for Hitler the Aryans). It is written in the bible that one of its main captains, brandindo its spear, killed three hundred enemies of one alone time! Well, to kill three hundred people in one alone blow! with a spear! It does not seem likely very, but it is written in the sacred book, the book of the truth, and with the intention of exaltar the feat of the soldier of Davi. was the proper Davi who killed the giant of an enemy army, Golias, knocking down it with pedrada and later it pulling out the head with its sword. Very human this Davi! It was not enough to have relieved Golias? For the cultural standards of today probably Davi it would be had by a cafajeste machista. It had some wives and concubines (translating: he was not faithful and he used the women as sexual object).

To only cite an example, Davi liked a woman who was wife of one of its soldiers, then, ' ' it invited-a' ' for its palace, engravidando it. It tried to hide the situation commanding that the soldier returned to the home, in the expectation of that it slept with the wife and believed that it was engravidou who it. However, as the soldier opposed to pass it the night with the wife, it sent it to Davi to the battle front, commanding that the commander of left it to the army forsaken, so that died assassinated. Later if it married the woman. Davi was brutal with some of its concubines, enclausurando them, and making that they lived as widowers. Beyond imperialista, assassin and mulherengo, Davi also pssimo was one father.

Amir Peretz

A country in conflagration against facist islamists that never will accept the existence of a state not-Muslim in the Middle East, would not have to authorize to that their Arab enemies have benches in their Parliament, nor it would have to hold that the groups of extreme left campaign in favor of the Palestinians, nor to authorize that the Israeli Arabs (Muslim) enter the army. In any place of the world that would be treason to the mother country. The Jewish town because it underwent worse discriminations than no other, looks for to be more tolerant, generous and comprehensive, trying to find the reason until in which they do not reason, in a humanitarian act that exceeds the acceptable thing. That has been the position of Olmert and Livni, next to its self-centred eagerness to shine in podio and to be interminable in the conduction of the state, as Shimon Peres obtained, who is one of the main causes of the distortion of the national values of the Jewish town. The left turn of Kadima, forces to retake the compass and nobody can make it better than the united right. The answer to Hams had to occur long time back, the day after the firing of the first Kassam, not three years later.

United Nations

Of this form we will learn as to act and until where we can arrive in the exploration of the natural resources ' '. When analyzing the consideraes of Sariego, we can strengthen that since the sprouting of the man in the Land, the frequency and the types of ambient impact have increased and diversified very. The first type of impact caused for the man probably was derived from the domain of the fire. To the measure that the species human being was developing new technologies and extending its domain on the elements and the nature in general, the ambient impacts ram if extending in intensity and extension. With this, century XXI, if express marked by a bigger comprometimento of the people, understanding that the concern with the preservation of the available natural resources becomes necessary, that guarantee the conditions of life in the Planet, beyond recognizing that the responsibility is of all and the change of position if makes immediate. We look for to develop a civilization capable to guarantee the fulfilment of the law and them right human beings, respecting the integrity of the different cultures, respecting the Land, rejecting the idea of that the nature is only a set of resources to be used. Thinking about the ambient, social crisis, of consumption until technological that it lives, one becomes basic concrete mediation, attitudes, taken of positions, that integrate and implement the life in the society of sustainable form. Considering these notes, we will make practical reflections and of groups that search alternatives front to the current world-wide situation, through on international movements to the ecology, the preservation of the nature, the defense and promotion of the human rights, social and ambient, the concretion of the Objectives of Development of the Millenium, in partnership with United Nations.

The Approach

For Castrogiovanni, (2000, p.13), still it is little the approach of the school with the life, with the daily one of the pupils, the world that if it outside projects of the walls of the school is full of mysteries, emotions, desires and fancies. In the same way as they tend to be science. In this direction, ' ' it is urgent to teorizar the life, so that to the pupil it can understand it and represent it better, therefore, to live in search of its interests. With regard to it disciplines of History, it does not have only the function mere to enrich culturally the cultural luggage of the pupils in order at great length to repeat the facts occurred in the form past mechanics, but it must make possible same a understanding of History as a contradictory process, for which the men in its multiple relations produce its life in its multiple relations. (I LAND ON WATER, RODRIGUES, 2009). Fonseca defends that the central paper of History is the formation of the historical conscience of the form pupils that make possible the creation of identities. In this direction it also affirms that the education of History this on question of the citizenship, therefore if an education that if considers ' ' to value the problematizao, analysis and the critical one, conceives pupils and professors as citizens that produce History and knowledge in room of aula' '. (FONSECA, 2003, p.94). Although he has diverse difficulties in the mediation of the historical knowledge, the professors must always search new methodologies and practical in classroom, the technological resources when used well also they serve as alternative in the improvement of education. He stops beyond everything this, he must be valued the pupil while subject asset of the society, to look for to show that History is not something distant, or something only it past, but yes to show that is present in all the places and that ' ' people as people come making Histria' '.

Agrarian Production

Soon, through the economic and social reforms, of the distribution and proliferation of the technology, the production would be raised and would supply to all, without no exception. Later, the author affirms, without clarificar and explaining its affirmation, ' ' that both positions are defendable, each one according to its point of vista' ' (MOREIRA 1976 p.68), what we agree partially, in our interpretation each speech has its interest, its scienter, being the first one, for example, the speech of the elites of the countries central offices, reproduced in the peripheral countries (for the elites for the same interest and other segments for the common sense), that it would have the main objective to attribute to the poor population the swell of the great cities, the pressure on of the production of foods and the environment; as the speech, referring to the necessity to increase the production of the country, (and that through the increase of the production she would only solve the problem of the food lack), that also reflects an objective main, to take care of the Brazilian elites, mainly the agrarian elite that through the green revolution and of the modernization of the field intended a profit and production increase, and, complementarily wanted to prevent the agrarian reform. It is important to stand out that we only agree that each speech has its intention, and these cases to take care of to the desires of the dominant elites, exactly being about the different elites, and that we do not believe the viability of these proposals.

Country Universities

We are not against the changes, we considered that it is necessary to transform to the country, to give him to priority to those injustices that have come committing through its history and even by the previous governments, who also have neglected the education, we oppose to form to manage changes that affects aspects excellent for his development like the one of education that us concerns, because in her we have coexisted per years, like actors, educational, who we have contributed with our knowledge in contributing the necessary ones to train professionals it jeopardize, able to interpret the challenges and to generate the transformations that take step new. We are against in the form as the government handles his strategies, actions that work against to the education and their profits in all the levels, especially the one that it involves to us, the universities. It is necessary as somebody indicated, the necessity that the government has more commitment with the public universities, providing estimated to them sufficient for his operativity in order to offer to these better investigations and advantage of the technological transferences and the conviction that the universities are for approaching solutions the most serious and more urgent problems of the country. Not to continue wasting the human talent that the universities generate in their different ones specialties, to avoid the flight of that human capital that other countries are useful free of charge in their formation.

Ambient Management

Thus, the ambient component starts to be a determinative factor in the development of new technologies and the improvement of the existing ones, in the industrialization of companies and countries, in the search for the competitiveness and the fight for the survival and the overcoming of competitors. It is consolidated, of this form, a new style of development that has as goal the search of the social and economic support capable to be solidary with the biosfera. The main objective of this work is of raising the condicionantes factors of the success in the implementation of SGA (Systems of Ambient Management) for the companies, as norm ISO 14001. Parallel, one searched to identify to the main objectives of the Brazilian organizations when searching certification ISO 14001, the ambient concern will only start to be really effective how much bigger it will be to the requirement for certification ISO 14001 as prerequisite for future negotiations or through .

The Greeks

Who is capable to think thus? But you calm you, abandoned and unsafe. Already it was said that they exist deuses. The Greeks had said. More still, he has millenia if he knows that the God exists, the only God, our father and protector. You resign you, therefore. Still he has a mstica hope.

However, he could not leave to remember to you of that we are only teeny criaturinhas in the surface of a rocky and gigantic ball. So teeny that, when looking at for the horizon, we have the impression of that the world is plain. We are circumscribed to the crust of this immense ball rocky and to the tenuous layer involves that it, which we call atmosphere. when looking at for the sky, what we see is only this tenuous atmosphere, a blue sky that hides the blackout of the infinite. Exactly at night, we only enxergamos some of the billions and billions of stars spread for the infinite.

Technological Education

Although this, is considerable the number of reprovaes and low notes in this disciplines. The pupil still has much little interest for the reading and production of texts. The writing cause irritations in the environment of classroom due to difficulty that feel in writing, what it becomes the task a great challenge for the professor. The boarding of literal sorts in classroom if has shown each more efficient and necessary time for the education of Portuguese Language.

We perceive that pupils still have much difficulty in differentiating sorts of literal types. Had to the school year and the relatively short time, few times the subject is presented the form pupils more gone deep. We understand the retextualizao as being an important vehicle to work the literal production in classroom, therefore it promotes a dialogue between texts of different sorts and the learning if it becomes more pleasant. In if treating to the project in question, it is still more excellent for if dealing with poetical texts. The pupil-authors if feel still more free to display its ideas, feelings and emotions. In the elaboration of our project, a good part of the pupils was capable to produce what the poem-prescription was considered them, that is the retextualizao between the two sorts, thus creating. It is important to stand out that in this process the pupils also had been defied to make use of the critical sense, of the interpretation and interaction with the diverse readings of the daily one thus constructing a new felt for the reading and interpretation of a text prescribes culinria.

The Town

When subtle becoming but one becomes fire, when being condensed in wind, soon in cloud, but even condensed in water, earth and stone, the other things take place from these. What it allows us to understand that tries to establish laws for such phenomena, to if, if they are fulfilled once are always fulfilled. Young people remember that it is important to handle to the technologies and sciences, as also it is important to know history, because he is not advisable to close us to a single study and to despise others, since each study is necessary at the time of developing to us of an ample and eloquent way. " when I am shipwrecked Aristipo, and winning the border to I swim, he saw drawn up in the sand of the beach geometric figures; when seeing one shook them of joy judging that had put the Greek earth feet and not in a strange country " (book eighteenth chapter XV the spirit of the laws) other authors exposed the following thing: " from the dawn of its cultural development, the town of old Greece gave to talent tests creating epics of homero. Towards end of century VIII or beginnings of century VII it appears in boesia Hesiod, the first poet whose name and works have arrived until us at conserving a popular epic form, the works and the days and teogona of Hesiod, reflect the individuality of the author and its tendencies social and political. That they are those of the agriculturists. The author demonstrates, at the same time, that, other aspirations, strange to invade helade: the search of the happiness, and the wealth in the distant marine trips and the contacts in the boisterous sea " (history of old Greece chapter XIII) soon the same authors write down the following thing: " we are ourselves forced, in philosophy like in other so many fields, to constantly refer the productions to us of this small town.


In this manner, we dislocate the focus of the educational process: the pupil becomes the center of this process and the mediator. Forming itself, thus, a system that is inherent to the proposal of construtivista learning. Where as many pupils how much professors are in one constant process to learn to learn and they make that it together without the existence of dichotomies. As they affirm Perez and Castillo (1999, P. 43): When the proposal educational is centered in the learning (autoaprendizagem and interaprendizagem) and not in education, the protagonist of the process if dislocates from the professor for educating, and confides way so that the educative act is understood as construction of knowledge, interchange of experiences and creation of new forms.

This new protagonist, by means of educative making, if appropriates of history and the culture. We cannot run away from the impact of the new technologies to the society. In the future the technologies will be each time gifts in our daily one. Brazil entered the technological advances late. But according to Garci'a (2009), ' ' the country can have a point of view diferente' '. The explanation, according to it, is that, having Brazil atrelada population younger more to the modern resources of what certain countries of first World they identify more with the new, where the potentialities are enormous.

In this manner, it is of basic importance the joint of our culture, rich and very vital, with the new Technologies. In the School, the technologies can benefit to professors and when used pupils as tool for the activities, the development of projects and the creation of conditions that allow a more active participation of the pupil in the learning. The use of the technologies, by itself, does not guarantee, however, an innovative education, therefore they also can reproduce formal and repetitive processes of learning.

Learning Conditions

External conditions that Make it difficult the Learning But are necessary to lead in account, also, that beyond the professor we have allied external conditions against the learning, such as: program excessively loaded, many pupils for room, lack of adjusted materials, influences refusal of the family, negative perspectives of future, etc., what it escapes of our control and that in them consummates of the one sufficiently pessimistic vision of the possibility to motivate these pupils. Allies the low wages and the two necessity to work e, to the times, tie three periods to remain themselves, the professors suffer with the imbalance of knowledge and are easily exceeded, ahead of the technological advance and the rapidity with that the scientists discover things. For this, we, professors, would need permanent formation, time to prepare a good lesson, to search, therefore, they need to speak of current subjects, subjects these that really interest and for some pupils the professor still is only source of knowledge. In such a way, so that the school if does not become a battlefield must acquiring knowledge in them of the importance of two attitudes: to know deep our emotions, controlling whenever it will be necessary, and to understand the moments of fragility of who coexists us, looking for in this way, to prevent and any negative moment all. In first the thirty seconds that we are tense, we commit the worse errors, ours worse atrocities. In the heat of the tension, either friend of silence, breathes deep.

The Future It Is Revealed In The Web

The Web offers an ample range of astrological services for those eager ones to know what has reserved to them the future. The map reading of tarot free is one of the numerous and interesting supplies of astrology online. A great amount exists of pages in Internet that they are dedicated to realise all type of readings and interpretations, following the needs and interests of that consult. Also, Web sites able exist to offer certain information about past and future lives, data that are very useful to understand better the present in which it is lived. They are many are the reasons that take to the varied supply of services of tarot without cost some in Internet. Most transcendental it is related to the conformation of data bases for the recruitment of clients. The amount of people who ask for distances of letters in the Web and look for gratuitous services increases with the mere course of the hours.

Social Economy

The call anticipated at first that more than fifteen work groups they met in the streets bordering to the Door of the Sun to give to continuity to the groups of discussion and debate that are taking place since the movement arose. However, according to the agency, the majority of these groups informs of work they have counted with very little attendance and others not even have taken place. Most numerous they were Social Economy and, that has been celebrated in the centric Madrilenian place. " indignados" they have summoned to midnight a general assembly in the Door of the Sun in which it is predicted that different subjects are discussed, among them the location of the new point of information of the Movement. The indignant ones request the resignation of Antonio Camacho also reiterate their request of resignation to the Minister of the Interior, Antonio Camacho, and of the Delegate of the Government of Madrid, Maria Dolores Carrin, from all the forums and pages Web. They consider " intolerable" the repression exerted by the bodies of security of the State " against the citizens who exert their right of manifestation, circulation and expresin".

Effective Product Cleaning

From companies, to housewives, they look for the most effective product for the carpet cleaning, after trying any homemade method, that normally is unsuitable, are dedicated to the search of the best product to maintain the carpet impeccable and to give a good impression. After one it releases and intense search, has decided that the most effective product for the cleaning of carpets, is the product with a combination of microorganisms adapted for a high performance and thus to obtain a deep cleaning in the carpet without damaging the material. The product is based on the selection of bacteria and enzymes that help the degradation of organic spots. In order to obtain the best effect for the cleaning of carpets, the microorganisms were selected of their environmental means and later adapted for a better yield. A carpet speaks or of you or your company, when a client or a visit arrives at your place and finds a carpet brilliant, speaks of the good taste, the good presentation and the personal cleaning. You do not think more to it, is verified that the best product is the fact with microorganisms and in addition already it is very easy to obtain it, since, in the city of Monterrey, a producing company of these products finishes settling. The cleaning of your carpet not only speaks of the place where you are, also speaks of you like person, you do not leave difficulty it that brought about the cleaning to you of carpets speaks bad of you, secures that to your carpet this cleaning with previous products.

Productive Equipment

Course TPM, OEE and SMED for the efficiency of the productive equipment next the 31 of March of 2011 will take place the monographic course on TPM, OEE and SMED for the efficiency of the productive equipment of 4h00 in the Parc Tecnlogic of the Valls in Cerdanyola of the Valls - Barcelona. We will know systems that favor the adaptation of any organization to the demand of the client following the principles of Lean Manufacturing (Just In Time). In this monographic course, we are going to observe as TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) allows to increase the trustworthiness us of the equipment, OEE (Overall Equipment Eficiency) represents an indicator of the efficiency in plant, and the SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) makes reference to the fast change of tools. The course goes directed to people in charge and technicians of maintenance, industrial people in charge of process and people in charge as well as to all the people involved in the activities of improvement of the productivity in plant and optimization of productive processes. The course distributes by Sandrine Santiago (consulting senior Masters Black Belt 6 Sigma of the company CALETEC) that counts with more than 15 years of experience in optimization of processes in companies of the pharmaceutical, aeronautical sector, automotion, injection of plastics, stamping, insurances and services to companies. In the page Web all the information regarding the monographic course is available on TPM, OEE and SMED for the efficiency of the productive equipment. It can also contact with CALETEC to ask for more information to 93 181 06 33 or via email: and to see the other events on 6 subjects Sigma Lean and Kaizen in. Source: Note of Press sent by caletec.

The Project

To leave the content finally The content is not simply stuffed text of that occupied the spaces in target which we are leaving in our design, the content is the communicational guide of the project, on him depends: the strategy and intention of texts and messages to present/display, the composition of the elements, the typesetter design, the intention of the support graphs and the criteria of legibility that we will apply. It is possible that we pruned to simply construct to a Web site with the logo, some images and a pair of paragraphs of texts, but are almost certainly that decision would take to have to later fit many to us of the designed elements, in addition it is impossible to be able to inject to the site the wished feeling and functionality to him, if the bases of the design were established entirely by the developer. To make the things more complicated than they must be It happens that often our sense of commitment and standards of quality take to us almost to lose the practical sense of the things. We do not have of being able to understand the exact measurement of the necessity of the client, not letting to us infect excessively by its enthusiasm (unless it contemplates it to the payment), nor either maintaining a defensive attitude towards its ideas. It is necessary to apply all our experience to visualize the correct measurement of the expectations and needs of the project, we remember that to sobredetermine the proportions to the words and requests of the client, besides increasing our service load would cause that we do not manage to give in the exact point of its satisfaction. To obsess us in a single thing Occasions happen in which it is evident our emphasis in determined details or sections of the site, showing negligence or simplicity in other characteristics and/or functionalities.

Juan Alberto

Nevertheless, the talk had been very positive, Candle had studied Accountant's office outside the city, and indeed Juan Alberto needed somebody that took to its books and the corresponding thing to the florist's, she accepted the use that would do from its own house, in addition was extra money that he would have. More ahead, also he would take books of other establishments of the city. Candle was very contented, had a good entrance of money, in addition it was exerting his race and near his family. The things marched wonder. To the week to work in the Nocheln house, it decided to expand the cleaning and the order to the majority of the rooms.

That one was an immense house of two plants, but Nocheln it only used his room and study, the room and the kitchen and only those places commanded to clean, but Candle by itself decided to break the rules and to accommodate to the rest of the house and its entrance, while it was locked up painting. Pablo lived in his world, slept, painted, ate and only received the visits of Juan Alberto, his close friend. With time, Candle became friend very from Juan Alberto and together, when running of the months, they painted the entrance of the house, reclaimed the garden, they cleaned the garage, and with the aid of friendly they managed to make work the car. But nothing of to this saw it Pablo, for him only existed four walls, any other noise came from the street and it did not interest to him. Certain night, Pablo could not sleep and decided to give a return at dawn to the kitchen. He looked for bread and juice in the refrigerator. Silence prevailed until crickets began to make noise. Pablo gru a little. He took his glass from juice and one moved towards the study, but halfway he gave desire to give him him look to all the house, something that did not do much ago.

The Collective

You formulate a plan of saving. Any person, does not matter how deeply is sunk in the debts can, and she must! to begin to save. The ideal moment to begin to save era for 5 years back, but that time already happened. It begins to save right now, or with a piggy bank, or if or you half have a left account, it deposits at least $5 dollars to the week. It seems little, but it is more than what you have now same. In several months you are going away to surprise of the good that feels to have saved money to leave hardships.

It enters a cooperative. The advantages are many that offer to be affiliate to a cooperative of saving and credit. Some of them are: you are partner and owner, you participate in the collective decisions, your money gains more interests than in the bank deprived, with equal protection on your deposits. In addition, if you need credit you obtain, it with lower interest than in the deprived bank, you can guarantee your loans with your deposits and, when finalizing to pay your loans, you have more money deposited than when beginning. Good, this it was a panoramic look to the problem and its alternatives. If you wish to leave debts of a worthy and ethical way, you do not stop asking for our mini-course of five weeks Operation hidden money, which will take to discover money to you that you do not know that you have and that you can use to reduce or to eliminate your debts. You do not leave it for then, today is good moment for beginning your trip towards the financial freedom. Original author and source of article

The Judge

The human rights run in favor of the outlaw giving it its hand ' ' human being and protetora' ' , however irresponsible for the delicts that the same come to commit. Justice pushes for the psychologist; The psychologist pushes for the Judge: The Judge pushes for Constitution and our parliamentarians are ocupadssimos studying when and as ' could be made a new increase to its; ' mseros ordenados' '. The poor persons die in front of the hospitals. The pensioners die of hunger because the money was surrupiado them ostensive that had taken promising to them a worthy oldness to them but How much to the povo? He gives carnival, soccer, ignorance and more ignorance to them so that they never have real knowledge of the situation that cross. Brazil poor person.

Brazil approximately has a jail population of 500,000 individuals. Because not to use to advantage all this hand of workmanship? Because not to create advantages for that to want to work seriously, also paying a wage to them and shortening it to them penalty? Because not to give to these one better quality of life. It is discrimination? He is just that the men who had never given to any work or expenditures to the State, pay to support 500,00 other inoperative ones that they had only brought and continue bringing problems? Who does not work does not eat SECURITY: He will be that somebody that has a better reasoning of the one of any primate does not understand that alone and disarmed man, in the door of a school, cannot guarantee the security of hundred of children? It was not the altruism of a Pleiad of men who had risked the proper life to prevent a bigger carnage, families would not be now crying the death of its children and grandsons. the politicians, what they make to prevent equal things to this? IT SWIMS! They had never made, nothing they make and appositive that nothing will make.

Joan Palomeras

The questions are used for many things. With questions you can to explore everything what really it matters to the other and to help him to solve it. You can to deepen in its thought and to find out what wants, it wants why it and what it prevents him to reach it. In the course of the sessions of coaching the questions form like sequences of a film that lead to the other to a way to think that it impels decisions and these, as well, new actions. The questions have a special quality, you cannot stop responding them. They force to you to reflect on your experience. The metaphor that considers a question as a lantern is very adapted.

The questions shed light on areas and leave others in the dark. He is very effective to begin by integral or general questions, always abiertas, and to continue with derived questions, of detail. They must be formulated at the opportune moment. All it questions have intention. They concentrate in the experience of the other. They are honest and they also wait for honest and sincere answers.

Federal University

The quality in the tourist destination is influenced by the diverse involved actors in the organization of the tourist system. In fact, the growth of the tourist activity depends on public politics that apiem the development of the sector, being that the improvement of the ranks of tourist information represents an essential part of this process. .

Winding Device Development

Engineering and industrial group 'Small' successfully completed the development and introduction of unit winding rope CNT-10. As a result of successful work was created by the machine, designed for winding and measuring cable diameter from 2 to 50 mm. Range of used drums from 4 to 11 standard size. Execution of the machine floor. Maximum lifting capacity rope winding device is 2000 kg.

The device is equipped with a manual winding rope cable laying, which provides more uniform stacking cable. Handler has a manual transmission and is controlled by the operator. Maximum width layout rewound cable 1000 mm. Technology length control by meter, implemented on an electronic counter, ID-2. Meter located on a separate stoyke.Podrobnee advantages are winding rope CNT-10: Control System device is simple and convenient; machine provides high-quality winding rope, the device provides accurate measurement has reliability and high performance and user-friendly console setup drum unit ensures accurate the formation of bays Standard equipment devices winding rope CNT-10: drum technology, is designed for winding the cable in the bay neat geometric shapes; Lug Platen on the shaft - to avoid moving drum along the axis during the winding rope, tether manual handler, enabling more dense and uniform layout rewound cable on the drum or the bay, rack control pedal - simplifies management machine; meter cable (stand included), implemented in a sealed meter ID-2 Sealed electronic pulse counter ID-2. Read more here device winding rope CNT-10 is designed for winding on drums in the bay. The required length of the winding is fixed in advance by the operator. The machine is equipped with a motor-reducer.

Budgets Transparency

The LRF regulates Art. 163 of the Federal Constitution establishing norms of public forms voted for the responsibility in the fiscal management, this responsibility estimates the planned and transparent action where if they prevent risks and correct shunting lines capable to affect the balance of the public accounts. By means of the fulfilment of goals of results between prescriptions and expenditures. It represents an instrument to assist the governor to inside manage the public resources of a landmark of clear and necessary rules, that is applied to all the managers of public resources and in all the relative tasks of government the prescription management and of the public charges, also to the indebtedness and the management of the common wealth. One of the important points of new the LRF is the transparency, the control and fiscalization, thus allows that the population has access the public finances, the transparency grants to the population the right the participation in audiences, as much in the elaboration as in the course of the execution of the plans, the Budgetary Law of Lines of direction and the Budgets.

Useful Advice For Young Professionals

Currently, changing demand for specialists in certain professions, the structure of employment. A number of occupations, more recently, the prestigious and highly paid, are in demand. Reduce the need for economists, bankers, by securities analysts and investment managers, specialists in internal pr and social programs, HR-specialists, and a number of other professions. The general conclusion to be drawn from this situation: a more flexible approach to job search, job, profession, business - to maximize the area of search. May need to be retrained, perhaps - radically change the profession.

Applicants. In relatively more favorable position may eventually so-called "geeks" (engineers, technologists, designers, programmers). Also, occupations related to agriculture, nature, ecology, biology (agronomists, livestock specialists, biotechnologists, chemists and pharmacists). So if before you now have a choice: to go to study, then, subject to available capacity and desire to make sense to choose a future based on specialty future needs of the economy and labor market. A large number of private universities may find themselves in an extremely difficult position in relation to the current economic situation. Therefore, choosing a non-state university, assess the chances that he would not go broke in a year or two. And assess their chances: if you can pay for their studies in this university, if the price of education will grow faster than they grew before. If it did you decide choose to study the economic or legal profession be aware that employers are now more rigorous approach to quality education. Distinct advantage will be graduates who have received strong academic background in solid state universities that have a long history of existence and good reputation.

Conducting Corporate Events

Organization of corporate events - is an ideal opportunity to "show" partners, clients and staff of the dynamic development of the company, its powerful potential and stability. We propose to use an corporate events as a subtle tool for rallying the team and encourage staff. Organization and conducting of corporate events require special knowledge, implementation of a large volume of work and skill We thoroughly know how best to: 1 Find a venue for corporate events: whether it is a restaurant, club or country estate guest house (with reasonable prices for the banquet or cocktail party menu). 2 Order outgoing restaurant service in the office or on the environment. Organization of corporate events in a style particularly contributes to team building. 3 Write the script for a corporate holiday, with an emphasis on features (Specificity) of the company, the type of activity.

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