September Classroom

At the same time of our everyday in the classroom of media activities, we support throughout the Department of educational assistance from the beginning of the school year, participation in the TGA, every week we attended to groups of first grade, second grade and third grade in support of homeroom teacher with activities planned in advance, which greatly helped the students in their work, research, and tasks, there are certificates that protect that around 30 colleagues on this campus who were trained at various times throughout the school, in Microsoft online courses, training trainers and redescolar, besides the participation of 12 companions on graduates of the Tecnologico de Monterrey, of which only 5 concluded satisfactorily, we participate in the activities of the 15 and 16 September, non-violence towards the woman, cleaning, 14 February, women's day, campaigns apply link tests, carry out the consultation in line that threw the IFE using the classroom of media so that all of the students in the campus vote in both shifts, carry out the campaign of selection of free textbooks released online the CONALITEG. On the subject of history of Mexico with Professor Joaquin Esteban Leon Aviles, students already have their blogs on various topics, links these part of these can read them in the blog developed in the classroom of media under our support. Also We continue participating in portal redescolar in the space of continuous education with 6 groups of second year during the months of May and June 2009, the topics in the course of Spanish with Citlalic Maple Armenia. Where we seek to achieve learning by working in team and the use of the information technologies and communication, presenting topics related to language and literature, from a playful perspective that supports students with diverse curricular contents.

Email Trade Electronic

The technology is really booming these days, and that it is on a large scale is the trade of electronic email. In its broadest sense, electronic commerce could be conducted more efficiently if you take the help of advertising or marketing. Thus, to give a boost to e-commerce, e-mail marketing is one of the techniques used, in fact, is a very good technical and beneficial. as you all know, these days the work of postman is summarized, thanks to the new version of IE, email letters. This letter format, can reach their destination i.e. in half a second, provided they have the address of e-mail rather than residence address. All you need to do is type the address and content to be sent from the keyboard of a computer and click send the letter to the receiver. in fact, it is a time saver and is fairly simple, the trade of electronic email.

But the e-mail is not only used for sending letters, but It also makes use in the commercialization of several companies. If you have noticed it, the various themes of interest and in that topic want an email for that to be delivered to you. This is called email marketing for the company that makes this technique, and is that mails your mail, since the company wants to build a good relationship with you, as you are the merchant. Also, if you were a former client of them, they then want to rebuild the relationship with you. In a broader sense, they want you to buy their products, and their products are well sold on a regular basis. Another tactic is to add advertisements sent by other companies in your e-mail address. It also provides air to the empresay will help them to succeed and win loyal customers. Mainly, the e-mails that are sent via the Internet, have a greater potential to large companies, compared with the e-mails that are sent outside of the Internet, so the email trade electronicoes the best.

Hiroshi Taguchi Methods Signal

The Mahalanobis-Taguchi Strategy: A Pattern Technology Systempor Taguchi, Genichi; Jugulum, Rajesh; Rajesh, Jugulum Taguchi on Robust Technology Development: Bringing Quality Engineering Upstreampor Taguchi, Genichi Taguchi Methods for Robust Designpor Wu, Yuin; Wu, Alan; Taguchi, Genichi Taguchi Methods, Research and Development: Research and Developmentpor Taguchi, Genichi; Konishi, Seiso; Wu, Yuin Robust Engineering: Learn How to Boost Quality While Reducing Costs & Time to Marketpor Taguchi, Genichi; Chowdhury, M upload; Chowdhury, upload Metrological Control: Industrial Measurement Managementpor Taguchi, Genichi (Designed by); Yano, Hiroshi Taguchi Methods Signal to Noise Ratio for Quality Evaluationpor Taguchi, Genichi Taguchi Methods: Design of Experimentspor Taguchi, Genichi Taguchi Methods: Case Studies from the U.S. and Europepor Taguchi, Genichi; Wu, Yuin Taguchi Methods: Signal-To-Noise Ratio for Quality Evaluationpor Taguchi, Genichi; Konishi, the most important contribution of Dr. Taguchi Seiso, has been the application of statistics and engineering for the reduction of costs and improvement of quality in the design of products and manufacturing processes. Experiments on a small scale in order to reduce variation and discover cheap and robust designs for manufacture in series they used in their methods. The most advanced applications of the Taguchi methods, allow to develop flexible technology for the design and manufacture of high quality products families, reducing the times for research, development and delivery of the design.

ECIT Companies

The best-known technologies are: tooling design assisted by computer (50%), machine tools numerically controlled (40%), iron and steel by electric arc (30%), rolling of stainless steel (30%) and the computerized machines for the injection of plastic with molds in hot Chamber (20%). the little experience that have searched for information technology (2%) and in the follow-up of the evolution of the technologies - and in its negotiation and contracting - in environment (4%)It is a consequence of the poor surveillance carried out and the evaluation of their technological capacity. In addition, his experience is limited regarding the realization of diagnostics on their technological and productive problems (6%), the transfer of technologies generated or enhanced (8%) and in the establishment of alliances with the ECIT and the CES (8%). in the majority of cases, managers believe that the overcoming of the personnel is insufficient. With the exception of three (3) companies (30%), the rest considers that inadequate overcoming of its workers is a brake on innovative activity; only occasionally, most companies (80%), very empirically, evaluated their needs for improvement. For its part, only 30% of the total number of entities has a program of self-improvement that usually includes short courses, ignoring other forms most comprehensive and structured as graduates and master's and doctoral programs. Is used in all of the companies analyzed, to some extent, the computing.

Shop Online

Are you thinking about selling your products online? Create an online store can be easier than you think. Nowadays there are on the market a series of packages adapted to your needs to quickly build your online store and start selling your products online. Electronic commerce or ecommerce offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and free lancers: allows you to expand your markets, reduce expenses, to publicize your brand online and interact better with their customers: the advantages of e-commerce: 1) E-commerce allows you to sell products 24/7: having your own store online will allow you to sell your products online without limits of time or distance. Having a store of e-commerce allows you to compete with larger businesses, being able to open 24 hours per day, seven days a week. (2) E-commerce allows to reduce costs: the saving of mount a physical store and operational costs involved, is one of the advantages principal of an online store. With e-commerce you won't pay to dependants, print expensive catalogs or for typical costs of maintenance of a physical store.

(3) E-commerce improves the relationship with the client: an ecommerce store allows the seller keep the interests and preferences of their customers, and thus use the information to build a relationship with the customer by customizing products and services to meet the needs of each client. (4) E-commerce allows you to position products globally: because the products can be sold on the Internet globally, an online shop does not have geographical limitations, as it may be the case of a physical store. In this way, with a shop online can expand the number of potential customers. (5) The E-commerce offers operational advantages: a main operational advantage is that it reduces both the time and staff required to run a business. This also affects delivery times, making them more efficient. Original author and source of the article.

Aristoteles Onassis Entrepreneur

Moctezuma, deeply concerned by the news that came from the shores of the Gulf, thought that the newcomers were Quetzalcoatl and other gods accompanying him. Entrepreneur: developments after this first moment, was used to define the process of facing uncertainty. It is only at the beginning of this century that Joseph Schumpeter recognized the entrepreneur as the center of the economic system, because the gain comes from change and this is produced by the innovative entrepreneur. Social theorist and Austrian economist Schumpeter. He was noted for his theories about the vital importance of the entrepreneur in business, stressing its role to encourage the investment and innovation that determine the rise and fall of prosperity innovate its meaning that means innovating? Run an invention, apply new ideas, concepts and practices, with the intention of increasing the productivity or value of a product or service.

That characterizes an entrepreneur? just the ability to innovate. Employer? In the English-speaking world there is a word for entrepreneur. Instead there are two concepts that describe that function: businessmen and entrepreneurs. Men of business business men are the majority. They are which buy and sell, invest, seek the maximum gain and keep the economy moving. They only seek wealth famous Phoenicians in ancient history. Phoenicia, ancient name of a narrow strip of territory on the East coast of the Mediterranean Sea, currently forms a large part of the current Lebanon.

Universidad Complutense

Founding team Jose de el Barrio, 1983. Economist and graduate in ADE by the UC3M. 5 Years of experience in strategic consulting at corporations such as PwC and Accenture. During his professional career retail and Internet has specialized in the sector. Inigo Juantegui, 1985. Bachelor in business administration and management by CUNEF. Former member of the team of strategic consulting for PwC Spain. Inigo has specialized in the retail sector, participating in operations of merger and acquisition of companies in the sector.

Sergio Paradela, 1980. Degree in mathematics from the Universidad Complutense. Responsible for geomarketing PwC-Spain from 2008 to 2011. Sergio accumulates more than 8 years of experience in geomarketing in retail sector. Before passing through PwC worked at Experian, geomarketing specialist company. After years advising companies such as Telepizza, KFC or Fresco have decided to undertake This business venture in which already have the support of numerous private investors who are convinced of the potential of the project and rely on the management team. The first round of funding is being a complete success, investors are very comfortable with the experience that we accumulate in the design and implementation strategies in the retail industry and in particular in the field of on-site and take-out food sector of the food at home in Spain are made 2 orders on average per inhabitant per year. It is an industry that moves annually more than 1,600 million euros, of which about half is represented by the pizza category.


Among the activities that an infinite number of people they love develop, we find activities given in the open air. Flashlights distributors leverage this type of preferences of certain group of people in certain regions to manage their companies more strategic place and be able to increasingly more adding more if elements of its growth. Flashlights distributors are having an essential moment due to the increase of personal preferences that point to the contact with nature, adventure sports and ecological life. Therefore, flashlights distributors must have the agility and flexibility regarding their corporate structures to cope successfully with this new reality that is part of the market. Flashlights distributors must therefore meet the challenges of the present and cope the growing demand of its products derived from previously enunciated new preferences and this is why they are aimed at the realization of constant reengineering at their business methods which are the base element for then develop processes required to operate properly. But above all, flashlights distributors are more exposed to the need to confront changes in customer requirements in terms of performance, quality and characteristics necessary in such a fundamental element for the safe development of outdoor activities. It is for this reason that the development of new techniques and processes designed to monitor the quality of the produced items become today one of the main challenges for distributors of lanterns in the world.

MLM Business

That's why today I invite you to visit my blog, there you will find a variety of topics based on the business of the multilevel, which quite frankly I can say that it has given me many results enters this link. The powerful and risky change: produce change. These are people who are those that produce and do something different, why get different results both them and their teams, them can compare with Penta diamond of your company, or that your you want but they are those who produce change. But they have?... Nothing absolutely nothing have exactly the same as you and I.

Board Moment

The proposal of marriage is one of the most important moments of the life of the couple, so find an ingenious and special way of doing this is as important as choosing the perfect ring. There are many romantic ways to deal with this moment, but if you want something truly unique, that you and your partner will remember for the rest of their lives, a maximum effort on your part is necessary. The primary factor is the surprise e, regardless of how you choose to declare your love, prepare the environment to surprise the person you love can culminate in a truly memorable moment that will never forget. You can tell that you have to travel for business, or if the other person is outside the country, you can take a flight so they are somewhere; appear in an unexpected place also can be an excellent start for your unique proposition. Regardless of what you do, not panic your partner telling him that something goes wrong, or course, to simulate a fight then surprise her, since frequently this can lead to a restatement of the relationship and maybe when you do not even have the opportunity to ask the big question. People propose marriage to their partners in many ways wonderful and original: for example, if they are lovers of adventure and love to do things together, can do while enjoying one of his favorite pastimes. The bungee jumping and skydiving traditional or free are of incredible activities Yes, but if they are also accompanied by a marriage proposal, before or after the jump, can be a great and exciting experience that surely will never forget.

Learn from Others

There is such a thing as the success of the evening to the morning. People who do not know much about the subject suddenly are in authority to give advice and points in making money online. People who do not have the correct information suddenly are gurus about how to start an online business and become a billionaire. Thats the wrong information that gives the impression that making money online is extremely easy. This is not the case. It is not so easy to make money online. Some people even had an wait over one year to begin to see the fruits of your labor.

Patience and perseverance are required. You have to look at their goals since the first time in building your reputation and credibility before you start to seek profits * good budget * 3.Tener money to spend facilitates the process. Many people are making money online, not all make the same amount. There is a big difference with people who earn little money to the people who make huge sums of money. Before becoming big in this business, you have to consider your investment.

You need money to make money. In this case the money will be used for very important things such as web hosting, maintenance of your web site etc. Do not expect everything for free. * LEARN FROM OTHERS * 4. Learn from others that are already making money-typically your learn more than what experts than of a book. It is good to be well informed and well documented, but the experience is also a very important component. There are people who write things on the Internet that have zero experience. Some only send things for the benefit of the optimization for search engines, never stop learning. Learn from people who have success. Read his books, listen to their stories, any morsel of information sharing can help you grow your business online and also become a resounding success as they. If sites that are full of valuable knowledge, for the love of God join us offer to their members. That nothing prevents you your dreams.

Internet Part

In the first part of this article, I showed him two methods to find out more about your competition: competitive intelligence and Ego Searches. In this new article, I will show you some methods. Method 3: the Google Alerts has a system very little used by the majority of employers. You are going to and defined alerts using the name or product of a competitor and says your email. In this way Google will send you an email about the latest results that match your request that appear (or be indexed) by Google. Google Alert is the search and leading web intelligence solution for monitoring your professional interests online. It tracks the entire web for your personalized topics and sends you new results daily by email.

Another option is the which is a service of excellent quality by third parties also. Method 4: Insert TagsSu webmaster knows them to perfection. The Meta Tags are a few characters belonging to the HTML that you should write within the page's code and that tell search engines which They indexed why terms must be found page. View the source of your competitor's page is very simple, just open the page in your favorite browser and then find the option view > source code if you are using Explorer, for example. Once you see your source code, pay particular attention to the header tags including title, description, and keywords.

Base Alarm

Gsm burglar alarm immediately notifies you of the 'uninvited guests'. Also buy an alarm is not expensive, and set alarm gsm own hands, that considerably saves your money, because gsm alarm systems installation specialist firms is not cheap. How does the gsm alarm system? In the protected object, the hidden location, set alarm gsm base station, which will transmit an alarm signal for gsm phones for the owner. In indoor wireless sensors are placed under drawdown to transmit signals to the base station gsm signaling. GSM alarm / uncheck armed with remote control or telephone. Everything! Your property protected by reliable security alarm gsm. What is the function gsm alarm system? GSM alarm system exists to protect property where there is no telephone wires, and where security alarm gsm - the only way to control remote objects of protection.

Microsoft MovieMaker

Have we heard much about Web 2.0? lately. It sounds good, and is up to modern, talking about blogging and social media. But it will really affect your business? Does Web 2.0 is only for kids and technology enthusiasts or is something that business owners should use to help us promote our business? Actually, if it is useful or not for your business it is something that will have to decide yourself, but is definitely something worth having in mind. In my opinion is a very valuable tool that could help you to get more and more clients. Here are some things that you should consider if you plan to use Web 2.0 tools to expand your business: 1. have a planComo in any action marketing, have a Plan helps you to know some science objectives aims to achieve, how much you are willing to invest and is working with that time frame.

Do not enter to it only because it is fashionable. As with any other aspect of your first business the Plan.2. Investigate if your target audience is online.The Web 2.0 is fabulously efficient to promote your business. But it is also totally useless if the people who will see your message, does not want to or is not interested in providing. As any marketing channel, only works if your potential customers can see (or hear) your message and are receptive to him.

Business Web Experience

You don't have to spend night without sleep thinking about how starting a business on the Web. The task is simple and easy when you understand the basics and take action. 3 Councils discussed below are designed to help you start fast in the Web business. 1. What is your experience? Web users searching for information to solve their problems or visit websites to buy physical goods. A branch of activity is that people buy services such as search engine optimization, Web design, writing an article, creating content, messages in a forum, ads on blogs, construction of a link and some other services. Building your business around your experience and skills is very beneficial for the growth of your business. 2 Business inquiry about your experience when you investigate business opportunities, focus your search around your area of specialization.

For example, if you are an expert in building links, search for opportunities in that niche and soon you'll set as a successful businessman. Show your experience and soon you will find many opportunities for your services. 3 Work smarter in the digital world, intelligent work is more important than hard work. Technology changes at a rapid pace by which you should always keep abreast with these changes. Always keep an eye to the competition to understand how they are progressing so you can emulate them for its own benefit. When you follow these simple steps, the establishment of a Web company no longer a daunting task.

Group Tram

At this moment vacila in front of the guests while its queen tries controls it and to distract the guests. She looks the witches again and she demands that they augur it the future. She sees the son of crowned Banquo, a forest that march in attack to the castle and the certainty that does not have to fear the human being, therefore never will be died for been born man of woman. It only waits while alliances they are made to knock down it of the throne, while its queen goes crazy and dies tormented for the guilt and remorsos of the acts committed on behalf of the power and while the army of the noblemen of the Esccia through the forest of Birnam marches (Birnam Wood) advancing for the castle of Macbeth. Inside of the castle, Macduff and Macbeth are beaten in fight and Macbeth dies. This tragedy of William Shakespeare involves more than what simple personages, giving to them it all, sensations human beings taken to the extremity.

King David

Great king Davi, has who many blessings had been given by God, but that also very he was charged to it. All we know the exploits of the episode of Davi and Golias, where more agile and intelligent Davi for being defeated the Golias giant in a duel, Davi kills the giant simple Golias using only one cajado and deep ' ' a species of thrower of pedras' ' , cutting after that with a sword its head, and it presents it the king, for then vangloriar itself of its fact and to receive its thus rewards that she would be the son of the proper king in marriage, demonstrating to have courage without precedent and an admirable confidence in its performance and the certainty of that God was I obtain at this moment. The victory of Davi on the giant filisteu, was important very for the people of Israel, where it brought confidence and much pride, moving all the nation, the Golias giant symbolized an enormous problem a great obstacle in the life of the people of God, but such obstacle was looser for the courage and the determination of a young warrior, who had dreams and objectives in its life and the certainty that would win this battle. Davi became then son-in-law of king Saul, and commander of the armies of Israel It was without a doubt a dear and very popular figure a great hero before the national army, despertando the envy and the anger of king Saul, therefore this great warrior was being known for all the kingdom. But its facts notables, had not taken off them its condition of assassin and sanguinrio, therefore it had made dirty its hands of human blood, but exactly thus God did not abandon it.

Ebony Wisdom

In exchange for the deriving merchandises of the city Shot the peoples gave: Ebony silver, bronze, slaves, wood, emeralds, pure hemp, wheat, oil, lambs, bodes, fine sheep, gold, aromas, ships and, also, peoples as the Persians offered its soldiers to fight on behalf of Shot: ' ' The Persians (...) if had found in your army and were your men of war; shields and helmets had hung in you; they had revealed yours glria.' ' (Ez 27:10) As we could observe, the city of Shot was very rich, prosperous e, over all, powerful. All this power was obtained thanks to its king, that we go to know to follow. 3.3.1? The SHOT KING Age one of the men wisest of the time, according to proper words of God: ' ' Yes, you are wiser than Daniel, does not have secret some that can hide of you; for your wisdom and your agreement, you reached your power you acquired gold and silver in your treasures ' ' (Ez 28:3 - 4). Being, as we could verify, wiser than Daniel, one of the great prophets of God. Soon, it can be said that the king of Shot was a person blessed for God, a time that only God of a wisdom and the power: ' ' Daniel said: Either bendito the name of God, of eternity the eternity, because of it is the wisdom and the power; it is who dumb o time and the stations, he removes kings and he establishes kings; it of the wisdom to the scholars and agreement to inteligentes.' ' (Dn 2:20 - 21).


Exodus 14 1 - Then the Moiss spoke to you, saying: 2 - It speaks to the children of Israel who come back, and that they camp ahead of Pi-Hairote, between Migdol and the sea, ahead of Baal-Zefom; in front of it you will seat the field next to the sea. 3 - Then Fara will say of the children of Israel: They are embarrassed in the land, locked up them to the desert. 4 - I will harden the heart of Fara, he pursues so that them, and will be glorified in Fara and all its army, and I will know the Egyptians who I am you. they had made thus. 5 - Being, therefore, announced the king of Egypt that the people ran away, the heart was changed of Fara and its servants against the people, and they had said: Why we made this, having left to go Israel, so that she does not serve in them? 6 - prepared its car, and took obtains its people; 7 - took six hundred cars chosen, and all the cars of Egypt, and the captains on them all.

8 - Because he hardened you the heart of Fara, king of Egypt, so that he pursued the children of Israel; however the children of Israel had left with high hand. 9- the Egyptians had pursued them, all the horses and cars of Fara, and its knights and its army, and had reached them camped next to the sea, close to Pi-Hairote, ahead to Baal-Zefom. 10 - approaching Fara, the children of Israel had raised its eyes, and here it is that the Egyptians came behind them, and had feared very; then the children of Israel clamaram the Mr. 11 - had said the Moiss: It did not have tombs in Egypt, stops taking off in them of there, so that let us die in this desert? Why in them you made this, making to leave us Egypt? 12 - The word is not this that we speak to you in Egypt, saying: It leaves us, that let us serve the Egyptians? Therefore that better in the rejection to serve the Egyptians, of what to die in the desert.


They can congregate to be obtained, more ten men of the lineage of the GAL. Towers of Melo, Felix Maier and all the analysts on politicians to the army, to write thousand of lines, dispatch by post evidential documents and nothing of this it will make difference. A word of ' ' father of pobres' ' it will knock down everything in one to blink of eyes and this enlightening weapon will start to shoot fire friend. The hypnosis generated for the easy profit, will not be broken. We are as the legs; we have optimum, but the hen does not speak to the language of the people says to everybody what this making or finished to make, to the shouts. What has left of the people will read what this being written? But what already it has knowledge of the danger and them true intentions of corja.

Much worse is that the house poison this inside, in the nursery and of this if only can wait tragedy. I come putting this in mine blogs and commentaries have four years. The Generals of the EB, soon will be the dribbles that will take the children of the generals of the MST to the school. Accepted of critical, poke of ears or any another thing, but, if it charges not to come back to smoke or the ounce to leave the forest to drink water in plateaus, all sacrifice will have been goes. The native land breathes treason. all are livings creature, knowing and accepting. History will judge!

Clarified Despot

In the Memorial of the Convent of Jose saramago exists diverse and vast personages who form two opposing groups: The aristocracy and the high clergy represent the group of the power, while the people and the oppressed ones represent the group of the against-power. The first ones are lined by the falseness, ridicule, ostentation and indifference for the human suffering or cruelty badly disfarada of religiosidade. Second they are the heroes forgotten for official History, who gain relief and revolt through the fiction of the romance. it underneath appears the bishop of the rich pallium, and later the images in the andores, the regimen interminveld and priests, confrarias and brotherhoods, all to be thought about the salvation of the soul, some vain of whom they had not lost, other doubtful Lisbon smell badly, smell the podrido, the incense of the one felt the fetidez, the evil are of the bodies, that the soul this is perfumed. (SARAMAGO, 1997, P.


How it knows, the two blind people in the search of the blessing, longed for, hardly had been hit by some data of the malignant one! Saying: It does not have skill. However, the faith of them, was alicerada in Christ. not in the onslaught of the enemy. ' ' We can more than get God with only one minute of objective belief of what with a night of clamor.' ' It sees: Then the Moiss said you: Why clamas me? You say the children of Israel who march. you, raise your pole, and extend your hand on the sea, and cleave it, so that the children of Israel pass for the way it sea in dry.

(Former 14:15 - 16) ahead of the chaotic situation, Moises already went to pray, but God said conjunct. Now! Not, he orders the people to march. Epa! To march for where? To commit suicide. Not Moises, has only one minute of faith, that I will act faster, of what if you to pass the entire night clamando me. What you will make Sir? March! That the sea go to confide and you and all people go to pass at least without wetting the feet.

This and the faith, that we are defied to practise, if Moises. It was to pray, the army of Fara would go to apanhar it. with certainty would exterminaria as Jewish people. A disciple asked to its master. Which the difference between faith and conjunct? The master asked for that the disciple was until a small next tree to the two, and cut a twig. The disciple obeyed. - The tree she continues alive? The master asked. - Clearly - the disciple answered, still without understanding. - Please, cut comes back there and of this time its root. - But master, - the disciple inquietou itself - I to become this, the tree I go to die! - Very well, my son.

The Situation

Davi was a imperialista king who expanded its territories, was a governor of the war for the Jewish people (it will be that for it the Jews were more special in relation to the others, as well as for Hitler the Aryans). It is written in the bible that one of its main captains, brandindo its spear, killed three hundred enemies of one alone time! Well, to kill three hundred people in one alone blow! with a spear! It does not seem likely very, but it is written in the sacred book, the book of the truth, and with the intention of exaltar the feat of the soldier of Davi. was the proper Davi who killed the giant of an enemy army, Golias, knocking down it with pedrada and later it pulling out the head with its sword. Very human this Davi! It was not enough to have relieved Golias? For the cultural standards of today probably Davi it would be had by a cafajeste machista. It had some wives and concubines (translating: he was not faithful and he used the women as sexual object).

To only cite an example, Davi liked a woman who was wife of one of its soldiers, then, ' ' it invited-a' ' for its palace, engravidando it. It tried to hide the situation commanding that the soldier returned to the home, in the expectation of that it slept with the wife and believed that it was engravidou who it. However, as the soldier opposed to pass it the night with the wife, it sent it to Davi to the battle front, commanding that the commander of left it to the army forsaken, so that died assassinated. Later if it married the woman. Davi was brutal with some of its concubines, enclausurando them, and making that they lived as widowers. Beyond imperialista, assassin and mulherengo, Davi also pssimo was one father.

Amir Peretz

A country in conflagration against facist islamists that never will accept the existence of a state not-Muslim in the Middle East, would not have to authorize to that their Arab enemies have benches in their Parliament, nor it would have to hold that the groups of extreme left campaign in favor of the Palestinians, nor to authorize that the Israeli Arabs (Muslim) enter the army. In any place of the world that would be treason to the mother country. The Jewish town because it underwent worse discriminations than no other, looks for to be more tolerant, generous and comprehensive, trying to find the reason until in which they do not reason, in a humanitarian act that exceeds the acceptable thing. That has been the position of Olmert and Livni, next to its self-centred eagerness to shine in podio and to be interminable in the conduction of the state, as Shimon Peres obtained, who is one of the main causes of the distortion of the national values of the Jewish town. The left turn of Kadima, forces to retake the compass and nobody can make it better than the united right. The answer to Hams had to occur long time back, the day after the firing of the first Kassam, not three years later.

United Nations

Of this form we will learn as to act and until where we can arrive in the exploration of the natural resources ' '. When analyzing the consideraes of Sariego, we can strengthen that since the sprouting of the man in the Land, the frequency and the types of ambient impact have increased and diversified very. The first type of impact caused for the man probably was derived from the domain of the fire. To the measure that the species human being was developing new technologies and extending its domain on the elements and the nature in general, the ambient impacts ram if extending in intensity and extension. With this, century XXI, if express marked by a bigger comprometimento of the people, understanding that the concern with the preservation of the available natural resources becomes necessary, that guarantee the conditions of life in the Planet, beyond recognizing that the responsibility is of all and the change of position if makes immediate. We look for to develop a civilization capable to guarantee the fulfilment of the law and them right human beings, respecting the integrity of the different cultures, respecting the Land, rejecting the idea of that the nature is only a set of resources to be used. Thinking about the ambient, social crisis, of consumption until technological that it lives, one becomes basic concrete mediation, attitudes, taken of positions, that integrate and implement the life in the society of sustainable form. Considering these notes, we will make practical reflections and of groups that search alternatives front to the current world-wide situation, through on international movements to the ecology, the preservation of the nature, the defense and promotion of the human rights, social and ambient, the concretion of the Objectives of Development of the Millenium, in partnership with United Nations.

The Approach

For Castrogiovanni, (2000, p.13), still it is little the approach of the school with the life, with the daily one of the pupils, the world that if it outside projects of the walls of the school is full of mysteries, emotions, desires and fancies. In the same way as they tend to be science. In this direction, ' ' it is urgent to teorizar the life, so that to the pupil it can understand it and represent it better, therefore, to live in search of its interests. With regard to it disciplines of History, it does not have only the function mere to enrich culturally the cultural luggage of the pupils in order at great length to repeat the facts occurred in the form past mechanics, but it must make possible same a understanding of History as a contradictory process, for which the men in its multiple relations produce its life in its multiple relations. (I LAND ON WATER, RODRIGUES, 2009). Fonseca defends that the central paper of History is the formation of the historical conscience of the form pupils that make possible the creation of identities. In this direction it also affirms that the education of History this on question of the citizenship, therefore if an education that if considers ' ' to value the problematizao, analysis and the critical one, conceives pupils and professors as citizens that produce History and knowledge in room of aula' '. (FONSECA, 2003, p.94). Although he has diverse difficulties in the mediation of the historical knowledge, the professors must always search new methodologies and practical in classroom, the technological resources when used well also they serve as alternative in the improvement of education. He stops beyond everything this, he must be valued the pupil while subject asset of the society, to look for to show that History is not something distant, or something only it past, but yes to show that is present in all the places and that ' ' people as people come making Histria' '.

Agrarian Production

Soon, through the economic and social reforms, of the distribution and proliferation of the technology, the production would be raised and would supply to all, without no exception. Later, the author affirms, without clarificar and explaining its affirmation, ' ' that both positions are defendable, each one according to its point of vista' ' (MOREIRA 1976 p.68), what we agree partially, in our interpretation each speech has its interest, its scienter, being the first one, for example, the speech of the elites of the countries central offices, reproduced in the peripheral countries (for the elites for the same interest and other segments for the common sense), that it would have the main objective to attribute to the poor population the swell of the great cities, the pressure on of the production of foods and the environment; as the speech, referring to the necessity to increase the production of the country, (and that through the increase of the production she would only solve the problem of the food lack), that also reflects an objective main, to take care of the Brazilian elites, mainly the agrarian elite that through the green revolution and of the modernization of the field intended a profit and production increase, and, complementarily wanted to prevent the agrarian reform. It is important to stand out that we only agree that each speech has its intention, and these cases to take care of to the desires of the dominant elites, exactly being about the different elites, and that we do not believe the viability of these proposals.

Country Universities

We are not against the changes, we considered that it is necessary to transform to the country, to give him to priority to those injustices that have come committing through its history and even by the previous governments, who also have neglected the education, we oppose to form to manage changes that affects aspects excellent for his development like the one of education that us concerns, because in her we have coexisted per years, like actors, educational, who we have contributed with our knowledge in contributing the necessary ones to train professionals it jeopardize, able to interpret the challenges and to generate the transformations that take step new. We are against in the form as the government handles his strategies, actions that work against to the education and their profits in all the levels, especially the one that it involves to us, the universities. It is necessary as somebody indicated, the necessity that the government has more commitment with the public universities, providing estimated to them sufficient for his operativity in order to offer to these better investigations and advantage of the technological transferences and the conviction that the universities are for approaching solutions the most serious and more urgent problems of the country. Not to continue wasting the human talent that the universities generate in their different ones specialties, to avoid the flight of that human capital that other countries are useful free of charge in their formation.

Ambient Management

Thus, the ambient component starts to be a determinative factor in the development of new technologies and the improvement of the existing ones, in the industrialization of companies and countries, in the search for the competitiveness and the fight for the survival and the overcoming of competitors. It is consolidated, of this form, a new style of development that has as goal the search of the social and economic support capable to be solidary with the biosfera. The main objective of this work is of raising the condicionantes factors of the success in the implementation of SGA (Systems of Ambient Management) for the companies, as norm ISO 14001. Parallel, one searched to identify to the main objectives of the Brazilian organizations when searching certification ISO 14001, the ambient concern will only start to be really effective how much bigger it will be to the requirement for certification ISO 14001 as prerequisite for future negotiations or through .

The Greeks

Who is capable to think thus? But you calm you, abandoned and unsafe. Already it was said that they exist deuses. The Greeks had said. More still, he has millenia if he knows that the God exists, the only God, our father and protector. You resign you, therefore. Still he has a mstica hope.

However, he could not leave to remember to you of that we are only teeny criaturinhas in the surface of a rocky and gigantic ball. So teeny that, when looking at for the horizon, we have the impression of that the world is plain. We are circumscribed to the crust of this immense ball rocky and to the tenuous layer involves that it, which we call atmosphere. when looking at for the sky, what we see is only this tenuous atmosphere, a blue sky that hides the blackout of the infinite. Exactly at night, we only enxergamos some of the billions and billions of stars spread for the infinite.

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